“Beginner’s Guide To Genetic Genealogy”; Series Of 16 Lessons; Can Help You Better Understand The Process From A Layman’s Point Of View; From The Wheaton Surname Resources Website

Hi Everyone!

CAGGNI logoI was browsing through the October 2014 Computer Assisted Genealogy Group of Northern Illinois (CAGGNI) newsletter and saw what looked like a very interesting suggested Internet link they identified in their “Around the Web” part of the newsletter.

The link will get you to the “Beginner’s Guide to Genetic Genealogy”.  This guide is part of the Wheaton Surname Resources blog that you can access directly at:

Wheaton Surname Resources Blog “Beginner’s Guide To Genetic Genealogy”

Let’s be honest.  If you are not scientifically oriented, DNA for genealogy can make your head spin and your eyes glaze over!  Most of us get lost in the weeds when we try to better understand the background of a DNA test and how it can improve your understanding of your genealogy connections to others in the test pool of other DNA submitters.

Here is another chance for you to improve your understanding of DNA and genealogy.

The site itself provides some good general DNA background information before you even get to the lessons.

The guide consists of 16 Lessons.  The lessons are presented as text lessons.  They are not audio or video lessons.  You just have to get comfortable and work your way through them by reading.

The 16 Lessons are titled as follows:

  • LESSON 1: An Overview of the Types of DNA Used By Genetic Genealogists
  • LESSON 2: Which DNA Test
  • LESSON 3: YDNA Exploring the Y Part 1
  • LESSON 4: YDNA Part 2
  • LESSON 5: Introduction to atDNA
  • LESSON 6: atDNA Nuts and Bolts
  • LESSON 7: atDNA Ancestral Origins Part 1
  • LESSON 8: atDNA Ancestral Origins Part 2
  • LESSON 9: atDNA Matches
  • LESSON 10: atDNA More with Matches
  • LESSON 11: Deeper Exploration by Subject
  • LESSON 12: Chromosome Mapping
  • LESSON 13: Privacy, Paranoia, Patience and Persistence
  • LESSON 14: More With the Y
  • LESSON 15: The Future of Y Testing is Here
  • LESSON 16: Using Third Party Tools for Medical Implications

Even I was beginning to get a better understanding of the overall process.

I think this is a site that can really help you better understand DNA and genealogy.  The lessons are not overwhelmingly long.  You will find further resources at the end of each lessons as links to other aids.  Many of the lessons include charts and other visuals.

I would recommend taking a real good look at Lesson 2 that identifies and compares the top DNA testing companies that are available to pick from.  The companies noted in Lesson 2 are:

  • Ancestry.com/DNA
  • Family Tree DNA(FTDNA)
  • 23andMe.com
  • National Genographic 2.0

Sometimes just selecting a DNA tester is the hardest part.  The “Pros” “Cons” and the “DNA Tester Future” are very handy to help you through ultimately choosing a DNA tester.

It was sure timely for me to notice this great link mentioned in the October 2014 CAGGNI Newsletter!

I think you will like what you see when browse through the lessons.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


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