Follow-Up Post: (Registration Now Open) Carl Sandburg Institute Of Genealogy In Galesburg, Illinois Will Be Holding 4 Day Genealogy Institute From May 28, 2015 To June 1, 2015; 4 Well-Known Genealogy Experts Will Provide Instructions

Hi Everyone!,

Sandburg CSI Genealogy LogoI just received some follow-up information from the Carl Sandburg Institute of Genealogy that indicated that registration is now open for their 4-day genealogy institute that will take place in Galesburg, IL from May 28, 2015 to June 1, 2015.

Here is the added information from the Institute about the registration process from their blog:

Online Registration

We’re looking forward to having you join us at CSIG this May. Online registration is easy and can be done by following the directions:

To register online, follow these directions:


Click “click here to register for BCE classes”
Choose leisure as your topic code.
Choose your class and hit “submit.”

Go through the registration process.

If you have difficulties or questions, call Linda Hankins at 309.345.3501 or Nancy Randall at 309.341.5260 during normal business hours central time. They are happy to talk to people and help them with their registration. Nancy’s an amateur genealogist herself, but doesn’t answer research questions. ;-)

Phone Registration

Registration for CSI-G is by phone until 31 October 2014 when online registration becomes operational. Registration for all CSI-G classes starts on 13 October at 8:30 AM Central.

If you’d like to register by phone, please have the following course information handy:

  • Refining Internet and Digital Skills for Genealogy (coordinator Cyndi Ingle)–Sandburg Course number:L EIC00600 (54213) -$400
  • Advanced Methodology and Analysis (coordinator Michael John Neill)–Sandburg Course number: LEIC00602 (54215) -$400
  • The Advancing Genealogist: Research Standards, Tools, and Sources (coordinator Debbie Mieszala, CG)–Sandburg Course number: LEIC00601 (54214) -$400
  • Germanic Research Sources and Methods (coordinator Teresa McMillin, CG)–Sandburg Course number LEIC00603 (54231) -$400

The meal plan is optional ($150) and is Sandburg Course number LEIC00604 (54232). The meal plan does not have to be added at your initial registration.

The College needs to reach an enrollment threshold in order to cover institute expenses. We ask that registrants not make any non-refundable travel arrangements until we’ve confirmed to registrants that the enrollment threshold has been met. Since this is the first time we’ve offered CSI-G we don’t have a good estimate of what our enrollment will be.

Registrants will need a debit or credit card to process payment.

To register by phone, call:

  • Linda Hankins, Administrative Assistant, CME / Community Education at 309-345-3501. Linda will respond to voicemails in the order received and can be reached via email at
  • If Linda is unavailable, and you really want to talk to a human, Nancy Randall, Records / Registration Specialist, can be called at 309-341-5260.


Hi Everyone!

Sandburg CSI Genealogy LogoI recently received a notice from the Carl Sandburg Institute of Genealogy in Galesburg, IL that they will be a holding a 4-day genealogy institute from May 28, 2015 to June 1, 2015.

Four nationally known genealogy experts will be providing instructions on various aspects of genealogy to those registered in attendance;

The 4 speakers and the program topic each will present are:

  • Refining Internet and Digital Skills for Genealogy (coordinator Cyndi Ingle of CyndisList)
  • Advanced Methodology and Analysis (coordinator Michael John Neill of Genealogy Tip of the Day)
  • The Advancing Genealogist: Research Standards, Tools, and Records (coordinator Debbie Mieszala, CG)
  • Germanic Research Sources and Methods (coordinator Teresa McMillin, CG)

Here is a link to a PDF that provides information on the program:

May 28, 2015 to June 1, 2015 Carl Sandburg Institute of Genealogy Conference

The registration process is expected to start sometime during September 2014 for this lengthy educational program.

I did not see anything at this time that indicated the costs to attend this 4 day program.  That will probably be made available when registration opens during this month.

Teresa McMillin, CG, has been a speaker at our own genealogy programs.  Her specialty area in genealogy is Germanic research.  She is in fact the leader at this program for the Germanic Genealogy track.

Debbie Mieszala, CG, is also local from our area associated with the Lake County Genealogical Society.  She too will be one of the track coordinators during this program.  I have also seen her make a presentation.

Both of the above researchers are well-skilled and knowledgeable and can certainly provide you with many research insights to make your own genealogical research efforts more successful.

I realize this is quite a way down the road but these Institute programs are limited in size to make the educational experience more productive as well as providing a smaller classroom setting for better interaction.

Use the above link as a starting point to obtain initial information.

More information will be released via the Institute website noted in the above link as it becomes available.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


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