Genealogy Estate Planning Tutorial Video At; Genealogy Codicil Form PDF Also Included

Hi Everyone, LogoIn my exploration of a variety of genealogy videos at, I happened to come across one that I thought was very good and that applies to all genealogical researchers.

It is also a video on a topic that is one we do not want to acknowledge.  And that topic is our own mortality.

For all of the years that we research our family history, perhaps it is good that we acknowledge our own mortality as it applies to all of our research material.  I have heard far too many stories about a genealogy researcher passing away and family members simply throwing out all of their paper research material out of ignorance or lack of direction.

What would you do if you were an executor faced with doing something with what is meaningless paper for you in trying to clean up someone’s estate?  If you value your research and research efforts, perhaps it is time to recognize your mortality.  While you are living,  provide your family members with clear direction as to how your genealogy research is to be handled after your death.

The 25 minute video is titled “Genealogy Estate Planning”.  It was created by Crista Cowen a frequent creator of wonderful genealogy YouTube videos from  Crista provides some matter of fact directions on how to go about passing on your family history research so that it does not wind up in the garbage dump or recycling bin!

You can see the video directly here:

Think about what genealogy researchers do.  They research the lives of our deceased ancestors!  None of us can escape our final end.  So why not acknowledge our end and provide direction about your materials while you can.

One of the tools I also discovered is a Genealogy Codicil Form.  This is a form that can become part of your existing Will.  It provides your Executor and the Legal Community with written direction as to how to treat your genealogy research material.  I thought this form is something you can use as you think through the process of directing your genealogy research material after your death.

Here is a copy of that form to consider to use with an existing Will or to include in a newly created Will:

Genealogy Codicil Form

View Crista’s “Genealogy Estate Planning” video and take a look at the Genealogy Codicil Form.

Don’t take a chance and have your life’s research work wind up in the dump or a paper recycling facility.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


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