Jennifer Holik, Author And Lecturer, Has Published Two More Military Related Genealogy Research Books; Press Release Included; Jennifer Will Be Our Genealogy Program Presenter At Our May 12, 2015 And November 10, 2015 Genealogy Programs

Hi Everyone!

Jennifer Holik

Jennifer Holik

Just wanted to let you know that Jennifer Holik, our Genealogy Program speaker for both May 12, 2015 and November 10, 2015, has just published two additional genealogy research books.  Both are related to providing information as it applies to you doing World War II military research for your family research.

The books are titled:

Stories from the World War II Battlefield: Volume I Reconstructing Army, Air Corps, and National Guard Service

Stories from the World War II Battlefield: Volume II Navigating the Service of the Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Corps and Merchant Marine

I have submitted a request that these books be purchased by us and added to our circulating collection.

Jennifer Holik has become a World War I and World War II military records expert that can help genealogists be able to make records discoveries on their World War I and World War II ancestors.  She solidifies her expertise role even more with the publication of these two new books.

Jennifer provided me with a Press Release regarding the publication of these two new resources to help you with your World War II military records research.  In the press release she has included a listing of the chapter titles you will find in these two new books.  Volume I consists of about 285 pages and Volume II consists of about 373 pages.  These are sure massive size works.  The details of records that applied to our World War II ancestors is astounding.  You can make some astounding discoveries about the lives of your World War II ancestors through the massive amount of records you could potentially discover with the aid of these two volumes.

Here is a PDF link to the Press Release that Jennifer Holik provided to me about this 2 volume set on World War II military records:

Stories From The World War II Battlefield, Vols. I and II, By Jennifer Holik

You can also visit Jennifer’s web site where you can find other material about herself, her speaking engagements, and some other links that can help you in your World War II records research.  You can find her site at:

Jennifer Holik, World War I and II Military Records Expert Website

We are sure looking forward to having Jennifer Holik as our May 12, 2015 genealogy program speaker.  She will be bringing some copies of these books to our library on the evening of her program and make them available for purchase.  Her program will be on another aspect of her knowledge related to World War I and II military records.  Her program title in May at our library is titled “Finishing the Story: Researching World War I and II Military Records“.

Congratulations to Jennifer Holik on another incredible accomplishment with this new publication.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library




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