Has New Ancestry Academy Resource; Online Video Tutorials; Some For Free; Others Require Ancestry Academy Subscription

Hi Everyone! LogoIn case you are not aware, has just introduced an online tutorial resource called Ancestry Academy.

You can see what this is all about by visiting the Ancestry Academy at:

Ancestry Academy at

There are “free” tutorials that anyone can access.  There are premium tutorials that will require a subscription to the Ancestry Academy.

Subscription rates to Ancestry Academy are noted as:

  • $11.99 per month
  • $99.99 per year
  • $199 for a 6 month subscription to Ancestry World Explorer Plus that gives you access to all of the records of,, Fold 3 and all of the Ancestry Academy tutorials.

Even if you are not a subscriber to, there are tutorials noted as “free” that anyone can access and learn from.

If you want the non-free tutorials, you will need to subscribe to the Academy under one of the above pricing options.

I personally have a full, all access subscription to Ancestry records.  I thought this might allow me to access all of the tutorials.  It did not.  I think that is because I do not have additional subscriptions to and Fold 3.  This is how seems to be packaging the $199 product offering.  It just looks like you will have to proactively subscribe to the Academy and not assume that a current subscription package you have will gain you access to it.

Perhaps if you subscribe to the highest level offerings from, maybe you would actually be able to gain access to Ancestry Academy under your current subscription.  It is probably worth a call to Ancestry to check out if you have an interest in pursuing full access to Ancestry Academy.

Whether I was signed in to with my subscription or just accessing not signed in, I had no trouble accessing the free tutorials at Ancestry Academy.

I did look at some of the segments of one of the free tutorials.  They are well put together.  The video presentation looks professional and well-polished.  The video instructors are top of the line genealogists from around the country.  They seem to exhibit a very good on-screen presence as teachers.   Each tutorial is broken down into various sub-segments noting the topic contained in that one.  When the initial segment ends the next segment automatically starts up.

You can even gain access to outside material such as PDF files or websites through the tutorials through the links provided that correlates to material spoken about in the tutorial.

And finally, you can even take an optional test at the end of the tutorial to see how you absorbed the covered material.  If you get any wrong answers, you can even link back to the section of the video that covered the material.

“Free” is good but there may be some great presentations that are worth the price of admission, especially if it is on a more “niched” topic that connects to your own personal research.  I think there is enough now at the Academy for you to sample and gain an idea on how the material can help you.

And has indicated there will be more and more tutorials added.  I’m sure there will also be more “free” ones added in the future.

Check out the link above to the new Ancestry Academy being offered by  Try one of the “free” ones.  I think you will like what you see.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


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