Recipes And Food Connect Us To Our Past; Over 2,600 Recipe Links At “Genealogy By Barry” Blog To Check

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I routinely receive a newsletter update from a blog titled Genealogy By Barry. He does put together a wonderful resource for all genealogists.  If you are not familiar with his blog, just click on the above link to take a look at all that is there.  I think you will like what you see.

One of the things that caught my eye was a category he highlighted titled “2,679 Recipes”.  You can find the link to the “2,679 Forgotten Recipes” at Genealogy By Barry here:

Forgotten Recipes At Genealogy By Barry Blog

Food and recipes may have a spot in the heart of every genealogist.  I do notRecipes Photo1 mean from a nutritional point of view but rather from a “memory” creation view.  Let’s be honest.  No matter how old you are doing your genealogy, I will bet you that you can remember the food experiences of yourself as a child growing up.  These may be good experiences like when you overloaded eating some candy bought in the local candy store for 10 cents (bought after returning 5 Coke bottles to the store for a 2 cent per bottle deposit refund) or for that horrible food memory of having to eat a Polish soup dish called Czarnina (duck blood soup!  My personal experience!  Nothing against the Polish as I am one by ancestry!)  Remember, as a kid, you simply did not have all of the appreciation for food flavors then as we perhaps do now!!

Genealogy is about facts on births, marriages and deaths and other record related data.

But it is also memories and stories that should be captured to pass on to the next generations.  That is why this topic at Genealogy By Barry caught my eye.

When you look at some of the recipes contained in Genealogy By Barry, some might look and sound familiar.  Some may even sound gross!  Remember, these are the recipes of our ancestors from 1832 to 1928.

Recipe box with apple. Apple fritter recipe card showing.

But think of the story and memory you can add to your genealogy whether it is a specific recipe you find in Genealogy By Barry or you start remembering your own early life food experiences at home growing up!

See what the recipes at Genealogy By Barry triggers in your mind.  Add those thoughts to your own genealogy research.  It will add a lot to your own life story.

I still think about the Czarnina and even the Kiszka (a Polish sausage dish also known as

graphic hand-drawn illustrations. national Mexican soup and ingredients

“blood” sausage”).  Additionally, if you also let your brain take over in this exercise you will also probably begin remembering the “smells” of all of those food experiences.  I can actually smell the aroma of the raisins that were an ingredient of Czarnina made by my mother that made the soup somewhat palatable to me over and above the duck blood!

Include all of these things in your own genealogy and your story will be rich beyond just your date of birth!

Give yourself a little time as you peruse the 2,679 “Forgotten” recipes!  Enjoy.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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    Thanks for all the info you give us. Sorry I can’t attend any meetings… longer have a car and with now living in Aurora, IL no easy transportation. Have a good Memorial Day.

    Rose Marie Moran

    On Thu, May 21, 2015 at 11:57 AM, Tony’s Genealogy Blog at the Schaumburg

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