Oral Interviews Are Critical To Your Genealogy Research; Watch/Listen To A 1 Hour Previously Recorded Webinar Presented By Barry Ewell Titled “Conducting Oral Interviews: The Most Important Research You’ll Ever Do”

Hi Everyone!

STDL Central Summer LgI receive an e-mail update on the blog activities of Barry Ewell who has a blog called “Genealogy with Barry”.  He forwards to me a blog newsletter titled “Genealogy By Barry Newsletter”.

I would highly recommend connecting to his online blog just to explore.  He has an incredible amount of content on the blog as well as an incredible amount of content in his newsletter.

You can visit his blog at:

Genealogy By Barry

In the December 1, 2014 newsletter, I noticed he had a “Webinar” subject category in the newsletter that contained a link to a webinar he created on a very important topic in genealogy research that I feel we often tend to overlook too much.  His webinar topic is called “Conducting Oral Interviews: The Most Important Research You’ll Ever Do”.

Interviews are so important early on in your genealogy research because the person you want to interview may not be available years after your  interest has started.  These relatives are generally elderly when you start your interest in genealogy.  You may think that you have time down the road to conduct an interview.  However, we all have our own personal stories of our relatives passing away due to an illness that may have taken their lives quickly.  These relatives may hold incredible family history stories for your research that can be gone in the blink of an eye as they age.

The availability of online data has made us turn away far too easily from conducting these important interviews.  We seem way too inclined to start tapping away at the keyboard rather than spending some serious time with a relative capturing their stories.  Sometimes we search online because we think what we know is enough to pursue genealogy.  Yet golden opportunities are wasted to get even more information from our elderly relatives because so much is at our fingertips.

Don’t pass up these wonderful opportunities to capture these stories before they are lost forever.

Barry Ewell has created a 1 hour and 8 minute online webinar of how to go about conducting these very important oral histories.  You want to make the most out of your time with an elderly relative to capture these moments.  Barry provides a nice webinar that will give you the roadmap you want to successfully conduct your own oral history interviews.

You can view Barry’s webinar at his web site at:

“Conducting Oral Interviews” Webinar by Barry Ewell

It may be one of the best hours you can spend to establish a good foundation for your family history research efforts.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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