Smallest Cemetery In Chicago!; Do You Know Where It Is? It Even Connects Back To Napoleon!

Hi Everyone,

Cemetery Headstones Clip ArtOnce again one of my wonderful colleagues shared with me some insights into cemeteries that exist in the city of Chicago.  We often think of historical cemeteries that still exist within the current boundaries of Chicago as containing hundreds and thousands of burials across many acres of land.  Yet his sharing with me was related to the “smallest” cemetery in Chicago.  That caught my attention because it sounded like a great game question that would be asked on some kind of TV show.

My colleague also has a connection to all things “Napoleon”.  His knowledge of Napoleon is deep and wide.  He shared this “smallest” cemetery information with me because for him it has a “Napoleon” connection but for genealogists it has a connection because it is related to being a “cemetery”.

And we all know how genealogists like cemeteries!!

I am not going to give you the details in this blog post directly that would spoil your own discovery of the information.  I will give you the link that came from “Chicago History Today” on the internet that was shared with me by my colleague.  I found this fascinating to read!

Check out the story about Chicago’s “smallest” cemetery here:

Chicago’s Smallest Cemetery

It was just a fun thing to hear about and read about.  I think you will also enjoy adding on another bit of trivial genealogical knowledge to your repertoire of all of your other genealogy knowledge!

So now you are prepared to provide an answer if that question ever comes up in genealogical conversation in the Chicago area.

Let me see …. I wonder what the “largest” cemetery is in the city of Chicago??

And on and on and on!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

2 responses to “Smallest Cemetery In Chicago!; Do You Know Where It Is? It Even Connects Back To Napoleon!

  1. Thanks for the link to my website. Here’s another story I posted about a Chicago-area burial ground–

    • Hi John,

      As with your blog, I am always happy when someone takes the time to leave me a comment. Thank you for your comment. Your story on the “smallest cemetery” was fascinating. I thanked my library colleague that shared that with me which then led to the blog post for my genealogy readers. I also have now included your blog link in my Favorite Links part of my blog under both Cook County Resources and Genealogy Blogs. I also try to emphasize to genealogy researchers that they should consider far more than just vital statistics. The history of the time of their ancestors can certainly give them an insight into what their ancestors lived through. Your blog for so many local Chicago genealogy researchers can go hand-in-hand with their own research to capture all the historic aspects of Chicago at the time of their ancestors.

      Reading so much in your blog just leaves me with the phrase “Gee, I didn’t know that!”. But then I receive an immediate insight with what you have written. Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge. The photos are also fantastic and add so much more to the story. I will certainly emphasize your blog on Chicago history to our genealogy researchers. Perhaps I can even create a blog post about your own blog!

      Thanks again for your comment. And now it is on to the Robinson family burial plot in the link that you included in your comment. “Gee, I didn’t know that!”

      Tony Kierna
      Genealogy Coordinator
      Schaumburg Township District Library

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