Don’t Forget To Take Advantage Of Accessing “Ancestry Academy” If You Have An “All Access” Subscription To

Hi Everyone!

ancestry-logoJust a reminder to all of you that are personally subscribed to’s “All Access” subscription.  This subscription gives you access to all of the data at in addition to providing you access to, and Ancestry Academy.

With “All Access” you have access to additional searchable databases such as and

Do not forget that you also have access to Ancestry Academy, a wonderful online video learning experience.  These online tutorials are tremendous learning tools on an incredible amount of varied genealogical topics.  Plus, if you have already subscribed as an “All Access” customer, you have in essence already paid for these so why not take advantage of all that is there.

I just today received an email from Ancestry Academy letting me know that there are now 4 more new courses you can view online.

New courses noted as of today are:

  • “Mysteries of Manuscripts” taught by Pamela Boyer Sayre
  • “Tracing French-Canadian Ancestors and Telling Their Stories” taught by David Ouimette
  • “How Do I Know When I Am Right?” taught by Anne Gillespie Mitchell
  • “Seek and Ye Shall Find: Become An Ancestry Search Expert” taught by Anne Gillespie Mitchell

Ancestry Academy currently has 5 featured programs.  In addition, there are 23 other programs among four different subjects for you to choose from.

Ancestry Academy also indicates that there are 9 more courses currently in development.

These are polished programs led by very knowledgeable individuals with great presentation skills.  Each course is broken down by topics within the overall presentation.  You can start viewing at the beginning and the subsequent topics will start automatically after completion of the previous topic.

Each topic within the multi-part program may run 3 to 12 minutes.  The overall time for any program is targeted to be about 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

You can even take a test after completion of what you viewed to judge your understanding and retention of what was shown!

Don’t leave a paid for resource on the table with your “All Access” subscription to  These are wonderful learning tools that can help you become a better genealogist in all aspects of your research.  They are insightful, full of great tips and very well presented in a professional studio atmosphere.

There are some completely “free” Ancestry Academy courses available for subscribers that do not have a “Full Access” subscription.  You must have some kind of subscription with Ancestry to access this material.  These are clearly marked for anyone to access from Ancestry Academy.  With the “Full Access” subscription you gain access to ALL of the courses.

Check out Ancestry Academy at:

Ancestry Academy

Take full advantage of your “Full Access” subscription.  Explore the Academy.  Get comfortable.  Find a topic of interest for you.  Start viewing.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


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