New Poll On Right Sidebar Of The Blog; Simple Question Being Posed; “Have You Ever Downloaded A Genealogy E-Book That You Used Rather Than An Available Genealogy Book In Print?”; “Yes” Or “No”?

Hi Everyone!

Well, here goes another Poll that is now on the right sidebar of the blog right at the top of the blog homepage.

I am just asking for a simple response to a very basic question.

“Have You Ever Downloaded A Genealogy E-Book That You Used Rather Than An Available Genealogy Book In Print?”  Yes or No

E-Books abound everywhere that you can download to your smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.  Many people use E-Books for reading fictional material such as mysteries, love stories and the like.  Yet, more and more non-fiction material may find its way to E-Book format such as reference book material, historical material and yes, genealogy books.

In fact, when I research adding new genealogy books to our collection, I am often finding that the only available format for a new genealogy book may be in E-book format only!  As a library, I still want to add hardbound paper books to our collection but it makes it difficult to add an E-Book format only in digital format to our collection.

So what has been your experience?  Have you come across any genealogy books in E-Book format that you were able to download and view on your device electronically??  E-Books can be great when it comes to having so much more readily available at your fingertips as you read such as links to websites or embedded videos.  You won’t find those electronic features available when you flip that real page to the next page in your paper copy of the book!!

I really look forward to hearing your experience on this topic!

So ……………………. “have you ever downloaded a genealogy E-Book that you used rather than an available genealogy book in print”??

Simple, direct and to the point!

Take a look at the new Poll.  Consider providing a reply.

Let’s see how active this poll can be.

The more the merrier!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


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