Massive Polish Research Outline Available From FamilySearch From Within Their Wiki; Link Included To 115 Page Guide; Great All-In-One Reference Guide; Link Included To Research Outlines For Many Other Countries And U.S. States

Hi Everyone, LogoOne of my colleagues at work shared a wonderful genealogy resource with me that can be a great resource for those genealogy researchers that are researching their Polish roots.

The resource is available from within the FamilySearch Wiki.  If you search the Wiki using “Research Outlines” you will not only come across the one specific to Poland, but you will also find research outlines for many other countries that you may be researching ancestral lines.

Thank you Tom for sharing this link with me allowing me to dig a little deeper into the myriad of all the other Research Outlines that are available.

Here is the link that will get you specifically to the Research Outline for Poland ancestry research:

Poland Research Outline From FamilySearch

For those of you doing genealogy research applying to other countries, here is a link to the general Research Outline material in which you will see a listing of countries from which you can select the Research Outline:

FamilySearch Research Outlines

The United States is included in the Research Outlines in the above link.  Each state within the US has a Research Outline.  Think of this resource as both a help for international country research that your research is moving into as well as for any state within the US that your research is engaged in.

The FamilySearch Wiki is a wonderful resource.  These Research Outlines can attest to one component of all that you can find within the Wiki.

Polish genealogy researchers, check out the link to the Research Outline applicable to your interests.

Anyone else, check out the other link above to gain access to the totality of all of the Research Outlines available to you on a country basis as well as on a state by state basis for the United States.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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