New Season Of “Who Do You Think You Are?” Starts On Sunday Evening, April 3, 2016, At 8 PM Central Time On TLC; Check TLC Website For Show Information

Hi Everyone!

Who Do You Think You Are?I just want to let you know that the new season for “Who Do You Think You Are?” will be starting on the cable channel TLC on Sunday evening, April 3, 2016, at 8 PM Central time.

Previously, when the show was on NBC, they dedicated a portion of their website to the show so that you could always get updates on the show.  TLC appears to be doing the same for this show as it unfolds during this season.  You can find the information for the show on TLC at:

“Who Do You Think You Are?” Website At TLC

Six of the “stars” have been identified for this season.  Here are the six”stars” identified so far from a Dick Eastman Online Newsletter blog post that will appear on the show during the  run for the season on TLC.  The order is alphabetical and does not represent the order of the shows as they appear to the best of my knowledge:

  • Scott Foley
  • Lea Michele
  • Chris Noth
  • Molly Ringwald
  • Katy Sagal
  • Aisha Tyler

According to the TLC website for the show, the premiere episode for this new season will feature Aisha Tyler.

When a new season starts, TLC often shows the previous season’s shows as a refresher prior to the start of the new season episodes.  According to the TLC website under their schedule link for April 3, 2016 programs, it notes there is a mini-marathon of five previously aired “Who Do You Think You Are Episodes?” that will be presented on TLC from 2 PM to 7 PM Central Time.

Make sure you mark down the date and time and plan to watch this season’s new shows in their original airing rather than at a later time if you can.  (Ratings are important for continuity of this wonderful show!)  Last year if you did not watch the original airing or did not DVR the show, your alternative was to purchase a copy from iTunes to catch up on shows missed and not recorded by yourself.  Your cable provider may make these shows available as “ON-Demand” for viewing when you want to.

Now is the time to get the buzz going and to reconnect with some TV help and entertainment to motivate you in your own genealogical research efforts.

Mark your calendar for Sunday evening, April 3, 2016 at 8 PM Central Time on TLC on cable for the premiere episode of this season’s “Who Do You Think You Are?” featuring Aisha Tyler.  Watch the “mini-marathon” of previously presented programs from 2 PM to 7 PM Chicago time.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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