Season 3 Of Genealogy Roadshow Back On Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) On Tuesday Evenings At 7 PM Chicago Time On Local WTTW; 3 Episodes Of Season 3 Already Aired; Do Some Binge Watching!

Hi Everyone,

Genealogy Roadshow PBS LogoJust a reminder to all of you that Season 3 of the  Genealogy Roadshow is now back on PBS with new episodes.  You can find information about the show at the following PBS website:

Genealogy Roadshow Website At PBS

The nice thing about this series of genealogy shows is that you can view any missed  entire episodes of Season 3 for free at the above PBS website.  So if you have missed an episode you can always view it from within the above website.

You can also go back and view in entirety all of the Season 1 and Season 2 episodes right here with a caveat.  WTTW makes Season 1 and Season 2 available for viewing only to WTTW Passport Members.

PBS Genealogy Roadshow  , Season 1, Season 2 and Season 3 Episodes

The list of full video episodes appears in most recently aired order of original episodes for Season 3, Season 2 and Season 1.  You will see a total of 14 episodes to select from.  Great link to find all of the shows that have aired all in one place!  However, only WTTW Passport Members are allowed to view the Season 1 and 2 episodes.  These will be marked with “+” sign by that episode.

You can sort of do a workaround and go to and do a search using “Genealogy Roadshow”.  It looks many of the previously aired Season 1 and 2 episodes can be found here for viewing.  Just look for the episodes that are about 50+ minutes in length and not the preview videos which are only a few minutes in length.  You can visit the Genealogy Roadshow channel on YouTube at:

Genealogy Roadshow on YouTube

The audio quality of some of these videos is not the best.

Let these wonderful episodes motivate you in your own genealogical research.

Don’t miss this show!!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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