New Poll On Right Sidebar Of The Blog; Simple Question Being Posed; “Have You Accessed And Used The New And Improved Wiki At FamilySearch?”; “Yes” Or “No”?

Hi Everyone!

Well, here goes another Poll that is now on the right sidebar of the blog right at the top of the blog homepage.

I am just asking for a simple response to a very basic question.

“Have You Accessed And Used The New And Improved Wiki At FamilySearch?”  Yes or No

One of the best resources to use to help you with your genealogy questions is the Wiki at FamilySearch that you can find at Wiki.  This online encyclopedia is searchable with keywords to help you find a topic of interest or to give you some insights into a new research process you will shortly embark on.  Are you going to be researching Indiana records for the first time because an ancestor you discovered was born in Indiana?  See what exists in the Wiki on Indiana resources so you will know what you can tap into to add information to that Hoosier ancestor.

Are you going to embark on Polish research?.  Do the same as above in the FamilySearch Wiki to learn more about the geographic area of ancestors and what resources exist to add for that Polish ancestor.

Just like with the FamilySearch “Search” area for data, just look at the world map the Wiki presents first rather than entering in a search topic or keyword in the search box.  Use the maps for continents, countries, states, counties etc. to drill down to see what exists for Indiana or Poland or whatever geographic area of interest there is for you.  You do not even have to use the search box to get you to your area of interest.

The topic of interest for you will also be full of links to get you to other areas for your new topic.  Topics as “How to Find Birth Records”, or “How To Find Marriage Records” may be present whether you are looking for them within Indiana or Poland.  Just click and learn your way to make your research efforts productive and fulfilling.

The FamilySearch Wiki is a resource I share with new researchers if they are just beginning their research.  It is as valuable a tool for seasoned researchers also if you have not visited it lately in its new and improved format and process.  It is always a good idea to use the resources for a particular state or country and compare it to your own research you may have already done.  It would not surprise me that you would find information that you maybe never previously pursued.

So ……………………. “Have You Accessed And Used The New And Improved Wiki At FamilySearch?”  Yes or No?

Simple, direct and to the point!

Take a look at the new Poll.  Consider providing a reply.

Let’s see how active this poll can be.

The more the merrier!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


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