I Took The Genealogy DNA Plunge (Continued)!; Received My DNA Results Analysis

Hi Everyone!

Family Tree DNAWell, my Family Tree DNA results are now available!

My previous posting of this process noted that I should have my DNA results from Family Tree DNA (www.familytreedna.com) sometime between  July 4, 2016 and July 20, 2016.

I am happy to report that my results actually came back more on the early side for FTDNA reporting rather than the later estimated time.  FTDNA did send me an email telling me that my Family Finder results had been uploaded for the Kit Number that was assigned to me.  The email gives clear directions on how to log in to your FTDNA account to access the results.  But, you were probably logging into the system all along to see the status of the kit processing .  The email also provides a lot of information about Autosomal DNA (as this is related to the nature of the Family Finder test I used), as well as some Help Page links to help you to understand how to start interpreting your results.  The email also tells you about downloading your raw data for future use.  FTDNA also within the email re-states some of the wording related to Privacy of your results and cautions you about Privacy if you decide to export some of your raw data.

My results actually came back on July 2, 2016.  Perhaps FTDNA gives you a longer time interval to expect your results but perhaps they generally deliver them faster than they anticipated within the time range they have estimated for you.

It is important that you utilize your online access to your myFTDNA to follow the progress of all of these reported items.  Log in with your kit number and password to your myFTDNA at FamilyTreeDNA.  If your results are completed, as mine are now, you will see more links for you to explore related to your test results.  Some of these are:

  • Family Tree (myFamily Tree)
  • Family Finder (Matches)
  • Family Finder (Chromosome Browser)
  • Family Finder (Known Relationships)
  • Family Finder (myOrigins)
  • Applications (Partner Applications)

You can also click on the link on your signed in myFTDNA homepage that saysDNA Clip Art “Complete Order History” to see all of the activities related to your DNA processing.  For me I received a timeline from FTDNA that showed the following activities leading up to my results:

  • Ordered (Date Given)
  • Batched (Date Given)
  • Completed (1) (Date Given)
  • Completed (2) (Date Given)

The Batch number for processing was linked to each of the above activities.

If you wanted a timeline of all of your activities with Family Tree DNA, you get it here!

I am very happy with the information provided to me from FTDNA via emails as well as via the myFTDNA webpage you access when you log in.  But like anything else, lots of information may simply not yet be too helpful as your mind is spinning with scientific information about the DNA process.  It will take some time on reading FTDNA help material as well as some time looking at the FTDNA series of online videos to help you through the process of learning about how to work with and understand results from each of their various tests.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo … my results are in BUT I will be providing that information in a new post soon.  Sorry for the ultimate “tease” of this post as to the specific results, but I at least wanted to share with you how FTDNA provides you with notifications about receiving your results and where to go look at the myFTDNA site for these results.

Lots of learning for me to do about beginning to make sense of what you receive.  Lots to learn about downloading your raw results so you can post them in an online product called GedMatch where you should see even more matches from others that have been tested with other services such as Ancestry DNA and 23andMe that have uploaded their data to this aggregator site.  It is daunting but what an opportunity to learn all about this process and how to use it to further expand your family history!

Till next post on my DNA experience!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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