I Took The Genealogy DNA Plunge (Continued)!; Revealing My Results That Were Processed By Family Tree DNA

Hi Everyone!

Family Tree DNAI have made some previous posts describing my participation with Family Tree DNA (www.familytreedna.com) to have my DNA analyzed with their Family Finder product.

I made a post describing how the information was provided to me from Family Tree DNA and how you as a submitter would see and understand the process of what takes places when you submit for DNA analysis.

The one thing I previously did not share was my actual results!  Yes, I guess I fall into the media specialization of including “teasers” to bring you back for the “reveal”.  Please forgive me for that tactic!

Over the recent years many of you have actually shared with me some of your own DNA results that you submitted through Family Tree DNA.  Now that I have my results, it will be like comparing “Oranges to Oranges” for those of you that also tested through Family Tree DNA.

I cannot speak for how results are presented to a submitter from Ancestry DNA, 23 And Me or any other DNA testing company.

Many of you have told me of the variety of your DNA analysis among many different ethnicities  as identified by the DNA testing company.  No two companies come up with the same analysis.  The analysis of DNA ethnicity is based on company specific algorithms to make that determination.  So someone might be shown as being 84% Eastern European in the results from one testing company while being shown as 80% Eastern European from another testing company.

The results that many of you have shown me indicated significant multipleDNA Clip Art geographic and ethnic areas of origin spread around the world for your own DNA.  Some of your results might have said Eastern European, Scandinavian, British Isles and many other areas of the world.  Maybe you had percentage breakouts for 5, 6, or 7 different world/ethnic areas.

So where am I going with this?  I am going to my big reveal of my DNA analysis from Family Tree DNA that said:

I am 100% European with a breakdown of that showing me as having 98% Eastern European plus 2% British Isles.  That’s it!  No 5, 6,  or 7 different percentage components of ancestral origins as so many of you have had in your own testing that you shared with me.

That’s it!  No big mysteries to uncover among many unexpected ethnicities as so many of your own results have shown, although I do consider the 2% (small though it is) for British Isles as the most intriguing aspect of these results.

So I guess all of my family stories and research showing me as being of Polish origin fits quite well with the DNA analysis that says Eastern European is my dominant ethnicity.

But I was actually quietly hoping for some other ethnic breakdowns just for the fun of it and the mystery it would have conveyed.  Oh well, maybe at some point I will knock on the door of Ancestry.com DNA and purchase a kit from them to see what their analysis would tell me about my origins.

I am sure you each had your own quizzical looks on your face when you first saw your own results.  Mysterious, puzzling, intriguing or even what the heck is this report telling me!!

The next item to note for my own DNA results with Family Tree DNA is that the “Matches” part of the overall report connects me to about 300 other Family Tree DNA testers to whom I have some genetic connection.  The highest match shown in the list of these 300 is someone noted as a “2nd cousin – 4th cousin” relationship!  That sure is not a close connection to anyone.  I only have 4 people noted as a match to me at the 2nd-4th cousin level.  Most of my matches are noted as being “3rd cousin – 5th cousin” matches as well as “4th cousin – remote cousin” and “5th cousin – remote cousin” matches.

One major item to note is that you have to be prepared to possibly discover a very close relationship to someone else that submitted DNA to this company, a person you simply may not even know existed!!  One of the report items is something categorized as”Close and Immediate”.  You could be in for the shock of your life if perhaps you discovered an unknown sibling or half-sibling who also submitted DNA for testing with Family Tree DNA.

I did not have any surprises in this regards but was surprised how distantly related I was to the 300 matches I had.  Maybe you experienced similar results and was hoping to have someone much more closely related genetically to come up that you did not know about.  I just note that none of my known cousins has submitted their DNA to Family Tree DNA for testing based on my not having any “Close Relative” results.

Now I have a list of people to contact and see how we might be related.  Now I can also submit my results to GedMatch to see if I have matches to others that submitted to GedMatch but did not test with Family Tree DNA.  They may have tested with Ancesty.com or 23 And Me or any other testing service.  Who knows how many more matches I can add to the 300 I already have.

Still more to do related to uploading family tree material to Family Tree DNA.  By including data in your myFamilyTree component of your myFTDNAHome it will make it easier to compare your family tree data to those from the “match” list to maybe be able to better analyze what family connection exists between me and them.  Many individuals take the test and do not upload or create any family tree data.  With no family tree data it becomes difficult to see how you might be connected to someone that is a match genetically.

Lots more to do and lots more to write about to share with you via future blog posts as I start working with my results and matches.  Still plenty to learn about the process.

At least wanted to do my big reveal here and now!  Thought I would have more interesting data results but they are what they are!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library



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  1. Thanks for providing all of this progress on your DNA journey.

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