Our Recorded Genealogy Program DVDs Have Been Moved From Our Audio Visual Group To Our 2nd Floor Circulating Shelves

Hi Everyone!

Good news!

Schaumburg Township District Library

Schaumburg Township District Library

The project for re-cataloging and relocating our Genealogy Program DVDs has been completed.  When we have had a program with a genealogy speaker who has given me permission to record the program, you may have seen me in the back of the room with our camcorder on a tripod recording the program.  Once recorded, I have transferred the program to DVD and make it available to check out from our library for viewing at home on your DVD player.  I started recording our library’s Genealogy Programs (with speaker)  in February 2012.  So that is as far back as we have.  There have also been occasions when a speaker has not given me permission to record their program.  So there will be gaps where a program with a speaker does not exist on DVD.  These DVDs originally were on the first floor of our library in the Audiovisual location.  Due to pending remodeling of the area we needed to relocate these DVDs to our 2nd floor circulating collection.

We have now completed that process.

The two most recent recorded programs for the July 12, 2016 genealogy program and the August 9, 2016 genealogy program are in processing for cataloging and packaging.  They should be available very soon.  I had to hold these off for processing until the previously recorded DVDs were redone.

The Genealogy Program DVDs are now cataloged as the following call number style:

929.1072 GENEALOGY (  Plus the 2nd word of the call number is the first word of the title of the video)

As a real life example, the catalog entry for the recorded DVD titled “Archivist’s Notebook: Gleaning Genealogical Evidence From Ephemera” is cataloged and is labeled on the shelf as:


If searching our online catalog, you can search for these DVDs using the search term “genealogy program“.  You may discover a few “strays” that are selected with that term that are NOT Genealogy Program DVDs, but for the most part your search will give a nice list of these recorded programs we have on shelf.

You can see by the picture how the DVDs look on the shelf.   TheGenealogy Program DVDs On Shelf cataloging number we gave them has grouped them all together for easy viewing in one spot on the shelves.  The title of the DVD has also been placed on the spine of the case.  Yes I know you have to turn your head to look at it that way OR you can take a handful off the shelf and turn them sideways in your hand to read in routine!!  They are very lightweight.  Spine label reading problem solved!

Having them on the 2nd floor with the genealogy books that are available to check out just makes it that much easier to browse the shelves and see both book and DVD material together for the same subject of genealogy.

You know my library mantra about checking out library material!  I encourage you to check them out of our library so I can be sure they stay there and do not have to be removed for lack of circulation!  You can help me with this by checking them out!

Thanks for being patient while these were unavailable and they were being re-processed.

Head on up to the 2nd floor of our library to the tall circulating shelves.  Look for the 929.1 to 929.3 section and browse our genealogy books as well as the recently added DVDs of previously recorded Genealogy Programs at the Schaumburg Township District Library.

I am sure there must be a program of interest for you among these DVDs that perhaps you did not see or you want to view an encore presentation if you did see it!

While looking at the DVDs see what other genealogy book material might be of interest to you.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


2 responses to “Our Recorded Genealogy Program DVDs Have Been Moved From Our Audio Visual Group To Our 2nd Floor Circulating Shelves

  1. Thanks Tony for the update. I’m waiting for the July and August 2016 DVDs.
    And thanks you from all of us for the work you do. By the way Family Search
    has offered marriage indexing now if anyone is interested.

    • Hi Jane,

      I appreciate the kind words. Thank you. It looks like the July and August 2016 Genealogy Program DVDs should be available over the next couple of days. I have asked our internal processing staff to let me know when they become available on the shelf. I can let you know when I get the word. Also, thank you for all your help with the room and materials after our programs. It helps me to focus on those asking me questions at the end of the program.

      Tony Kierna
      Genealogy Coordinator
      Schaumburg Township District Library

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