Family Tree DNA Lowers Price Of Its “Family Finder” DNA Testing Product From $99 To $79

Hi Everybody,

Family Tree DNASome recent posts I made about Family Tree DNA noted that it was having a “big” sale on one of its main genealogy DNA testing products.  The product was normally priced at $99 and it was on sale during August 2016 for $69.

The bad news is that sale is now over.  Maybe you missed out on that opportunity price.

The good news is that Family Tree DNA has not returned that product to its normal price of what was $99.

Instead it looks like the Family Finder DNA product from Family Tree DNA is now being sold at a regular price of $79, $20 less that it was just a little over 6 weeks ago.

Once again, if price was your barrier to having your DNA tested, you may feel a lot more comfortable finally making the DNA testing plunge with Family Tree DNA at this even lower price.

The Family Finder product is the one I purchased from Family Tree DNA in July when it was on “sale” at that time for $79 instead of the normal price at the time of $99.

Visit the Family Tree DNA website at:

Family Tree DNA

Everything you need to know is there for you to begin the process of having your DNA tested.

Why wait any longer?  Now is a great opportunity to finally take the DNA plunge at this nicely reduced “Family Finder” kit cost from Family Tree DNA.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District LIbrary

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