Newberry Library Offering Seminar Over 4 Consecutive Wednesdays Starting On October 19, 2016 Titled “It Didn’t All Go Up In Flames: Exploring Pre-Fire Chicago”

Hi Everyone!

Newberry Library LogoI recently received a notice from Ginger Frere, one of the speakers we have used many times over the years, that both her and Matt Rutherford of the Newberry will be presenting a seminar at the Newberry titled “It Didn’t All Go Up in Flames: Exploring Pre-Fire Chicago” that will be presented on 4 consecutive Wednesdays starting on October 19, 2016 and ending on November 9, 2016 from 5:45pm to 7:45pm.   (Program dates will be Wednesday, October 19, October 26, November 2, and November 9, 2016.)

I received the following description from Ginger Frere about this series of programs:

In four jam-packed sessions, starting October 19th,  we’ll talk about pre-Fire treasures including maps, diaries, church records, newspapers, and sheet music. Selected primary source readings will inform our discussions about what life was really like for early Chicagoans. It’s always a lot of fun and we all learn something new.  If you know of anyone with an interest in Chicago history/genealogy, I’d truly appreciate you’re passing along the information. People can find out more and register at:

Please use the link above to be directed to the Newberry site location where the program is described along with the location for the link to register for these 4 events spread out over four Wednesdays.  Registration is required in order to participate.  Please note there is a cost of $176 to the participant to attend all 4 sessions.  Free online access to course materials will also be provided.  For an additional fee of $15 to $30, participants will be able to obtain a print version of the course materials upon registering.

If you have pre-fire Chicago ancestral research it looks like this series of programs would certainly provide you with some insights into what it was like living in Chicago before the great fire.

Ginger and Matt are two incredible presenters on genealogical topics.  You would be in for a treat.  Something to consider.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District LIbrary

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