The Book “The Stranger In My Genes” By Bill Griffeth Is In Our Circulating Collection And Available To Check Out; You Never Know What Your Genealogy DNA Testing May Uncover!

Hi Everyone!

stranger-in-my-genes-book-imageAt our most recent Genealogy Program on Tuesday evening October 11, 2016, I mentioned to the audience that we have added the book titled “The Stranger in My Genes” authored by Bill Griffeth.  Bill is one of the anchors on the CNBC cable channel business show “Closing Bell” that airs Monday through Friday at 3 PM Eastern time (2 PM Chicago time).  I mentioned that I was just in the process of reading it and that it would be available for routine checking out very soon.

That time is now.  It is now being processed back into the circulating collection and will soon be available for you to check out.

It is a very good book for any genealogical researcher that has submitted their DNA or is thinking about submitting their DNA for testing.

Bill Griffeth was just like each of us doing his genealogical research.  His brother suggested that he submit his DNA for testing to enhance further genealogical research once the DNA test results were in.  Sounded just like each of us would do until the test results turned Bill Griffeth’s world upside down!

I have finished the book and it is now being processed back onto our shelves.

The call number of the book is 921 GRIFFETH, B.

I highly recommend reading this book.

Check out our online catalog for availability.  Visit our library website at and look in the upper right corner of the home page for access to our library catalog.  Pick it off the shelf area of New Nonfiction books on the 2nd floor of our library where it will reside.  Or even place a hold on it for yourself.  This could be one of those books that will be very popular among genealogists leading to the need to place it on hold for yourself for reading when it becomes available.

So glad I read it.  It is a fast read.  You won’t need 3 weeks to finish it.  It just confirms that you need to have your DNA tested for genealogy with an understanding that you could get life-changing results!

Enjoy the book.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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