RootsTech 2017 Will Take Place February 8- 11, 2017 In Salt Lake City, UT; Some Classes To Be Available For Online Streaming From Upcoming 2017 Conference

Hi Everyone!

RootsTech 2014 LogoJust a reminder that the 2017 version of RootsTech will take place on February 8 to February 11, 2017 in Salt Lake City, UT.

Dick Eastman had a post about the upcoming 2017 conference.  You can see that post with the information here:

September  15, 2016 Dick Eastman Post Reporting On Upcoming 2017 RootsTech

This has proven to be  a wildly successful major genealogical conference that brings together genealogy researchers and genealogy software developers under one roof.  Dick Eastman reported in a March 18, 2015 blog post that 23,918 people attended the 2015 RootsTech conference.  Here is a link to Dick Eastman’s blog post reporting on information from the previous 2015 conference:

March 18, 2015 Dick Eastman Blog Post About RootsTech 2015

You can view the conference website for information about this 2017 RootsTech Conference at:

RootsTech 2017

There is a very large and detailed “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)” part of the RootsTech website.  It is well worth browsing through the variety of questions about the conference.  The FAQ can really give you some good insights about the overall conference.  Here is a link to the RootsTech 2017 FAQ:

2017 RootsTech Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

RootsTech generally makes available a multitude of some of its recorded programs from the previous year for online viewing.  Unfortunately, as I write this post, the window for viewing those videos is no longer open.  Wish I could provide a link to these because they really provide an incredible insight into what RootsTech is all about through the programs they provide.  If I see that the window opens up and these are viewable again, even if only for a short time, then I will make another post letting you know they are available.

Consider going to Salt Lake City, UT to connect with the soon to take place 2017 version of RootsTech!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


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