Family History Library Classes And Webinars Schedules Via FamilySearch Wiki; Can Attend Programs In Person (Salt Lake City) Or Online Via Registration; Some Previously Recorded Webinars Available To View; Handouts From Past Classes/Webinars Available

Hi Everyone!

One of my genealogy librarian colleagues shared some information about some upcoming British Isles research classes being offered by the Family History Library.  These classes will occur between March 13, 2017 to March 17, 2017.  There are 2 classes scheduled for each of the above dates in the range.  First class for the day starts at 1 PM (Mountain Time), followed by the second class at 2 PM (Mountain Time).

The British Isles Research Seminar for the above days is currently highlighted when you access it from the link below.

These are classes that you can attend in person at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT OR you can attend these programs ONLINE.

My point here is that for the immediacy of any interest in British Isles research check out these programs since the dates are coming up very soon.

More importantly, all of this information about Family History Library classes and webinars that are coming up as well as those previously presented can be found from within the Family History Library Wiki for this topic at:

Family History Library Classes and Webinars

They currently are showing the programs they have coming up for March and April 2017.  There are literally programs each and every day.  The classes are identified by “skill level” for the researcher.  Just about all of the classes are noted as intended for “Beginners”.  For April 2017 there are about 4 of the scheduled programs identified as for “intermediates”.

The topics span all aspects of genealogical research that you can learn from.  Some are of a broader nature such as how to use the FamilySearch Catalog effectively.  Some are what I would categorize as being for a very small niche such as “The Value of Danish Military Levying Rolls”.

You can also access information on the description of the class as well as who is presenting it and their background biography.

This looks like a wonderful source of classes/webinars that could really help you with your research.  This Wiki entry is well-worth bookmarking for future use when the urge strikes you to want to learn something more about a genealogical topic relative to your own research needs.

Also, the Family History Library has grouped their previously presented classes/webinars under broader terms such as “Scandinavian Research Webinars”, “British Isles Research Webinars” etc. to allow you to easily discover what are the programs under this broader topic category.

And there is more!  You can access all of the handouts associated with any of these previously presented classes/webinars.  Just looking under my own personal interest for “Polish Research Webinars” I saw that there are handouts currently for 15 classes/webinars on the subject.  It does note that it takes about 4 weeks after a program/webinar is presented for it to become available in the previously presented grouping of these programs.

And you can even view some of the previously presented classes themselves.

I am very impressed with the wealth of material for these programs/webinars that spans a broad range of genealogical topics.

Even if you cannot or do not want to participate in one of these programs in person or online, you should definitely check out some of the previously presented ones just to see the handouts associated with the program.  The handout alone could be very helpful to you.

Still, there is nothing like being able to hear a fully presented program from a knowledgeable presenter and also then receive their handouts.

Check out this Wiki entry on all of the upcoming programs offered by the Family History Library as well as check out the previously presented programs under the categories that pertain to your own research interests.

I think you will like what you see.

See what you think.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


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