Poll On The Right Sidebar Has Been Closed For “Where Does Your Family Tree Exist?”; Results Indicated

Hi Everyone!

It is amazing that about  3 months has passed on the life of the poll I had on the right sidebar of the blog since December 21, 2016.  It is time to move on!  I think a new poll question is in order!

The poll had asked the question “Where Does Your Family Tree Exist?”

A) Only Online And Not In A Lineage Program Like Family Tree Maker Or Other Lineage Program On My Desktop Or Laptop

B) Only In A Lineage Program Like Family Tree Maker Or Other Lineage Program On My Desktop Or Laptop And Not Online

C) Both Online And In A Lineage Program Like Family Tree Maker Or Other Lineage Program On My Desktop Or Laptop

D) Neither Location. I Have Not Created A Family Tree Either Online Or On My Desktop Or Laptop In A Lineage Program. I Have No Family Tree Anywhere.

E) My Family Tree Only Exists in Paper Format, Not Online and Not in a Lineage Program

The results of the poll showed the following from the 48 total respondents that took the brief time to provide their response to the question.  The numbers show that:

  • 28 (58.33%) both in lineage program and online
  • 7 (14.58%) only in lineage program
  • 5 (10.42%) neither, not created
  • 4 (8.33%) only online
  • 4 (8.33%) neither, only on paper

I was actually thinking that most responses would indicate their family trees existed both in a lineage program as well as online.  Although there was no statistics related to how long someone has been researching, it is my thought that the longer you have been researching, the more likely your data will exist in a lineage program as well as online.  I say this because lineage programs existed solely before the ease of online family trees became so popular.

The numbers also aligned to my beliefs for the statistic that came in 2nd highest.  This was the response that a person’s family tree existed only in a lineage program.  I believe there are still plenty of researchers that due to privacy concerns simply do not upload their material online.  They prefer to share their material to other known researchers.  Unfortunately, with no exposure online, there is no chance to make discoveries of new cousins via online contact methods.

The third highest response of no family tree created in a lineage program or online did surprise me somewhat, although these researchers might have theirs in paper format only.  I hope so rather than they have no tree anywhere in a lineage program, online or on paper.  Where are they keeping their research … in their head only?

I was surprised in a good way that the 4th highest response category was that researchers have their family tree only online.  Those who have more recently started their research may simply be leaning more to this option.  They also do not have the lengthy interval of researching when lineage trees on your desktop were the only choice.

Tied for last was the response that researchers were just keeping their research on paper and not in a formal lineage tree program or a tree online.  I did believe this question and response would hopefully be near or at the bottom.  There are so many desktop lineage choices that can do so much with your data that I often wonder why someone would not try this method for housing their research.  I do hope they have multiple copies of their paper research in their home but more importantly outside of their home with other cousins as a backup protection.

I am always looking for a larger response than even that which I just saw!  So come on down ——  affix your opinion as a “Yes” or “No” when so asked to the varied polls on different topics in the world of genealogy and family history research or select from a list of choices to answer the question.  Your answers count.

I plan on putting up a new poll rapidly.  Come back for that one to see the new question being asked.

A big thank you to all of those (48) that took the time to respond to this just recently closed poll.  Take a look at the results of that poll to satisfy your own curiosity.

Don’t forget to visit my Poll Archives as part of this blog.  Look for the link at the top of the homepage of the blog where it simply says “Poll Archives”.  In here you will find the statistical results of the 26 previously active polls in addition to the poll that is generally “active”.  If you were not aware of this Archive, you may want to visit to see what all the previous polls were about.

Here is a direct link to the Poll Archives at my blog:

Poll Archives At Tony’s Genealogy Blog At The Schaumburg Township District Library (STDL)

Get ready for another poll ……………………..SOON!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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