New Episode Of “Who Do You Think You Are?” On Sunday Evening, April 16, 2017, At 9 PM Central Time On TLC; John Stamos Is The Featured “Star” Of The Research

Hi Everyone!

Who Do You Think You Are?I just want to let you know that a new episode for “Who Do You Think You Are?” will be airing on the cable channel TLC on Sunday evening, April 16, 2017, at 9 PM Central time.

The new episode for this new season will feature actor John Stamos.

Previously, when the show was on NBC, they dedicated a portion of their website to the show so that you could always get updates on the show.  TLC appears to be doing the same for this show as it unfolds during this season.  You can find the information for the show on TLC at:

“Who Do You Think You Are?” Website At TLC

Six episodes of the new season have already aired on TLC.  The first episode featured Courtney Cox.  The second episode featured Julie Bowen.  The third episode featured Jennifer Grey.  The fourth was Noah Wylie.  The fifth was Jessica Biel.  The sixth episode was Smokey Robinson.

TLC is actually making available a few of the previously aired shows in their full run time at the TLC site.  So you can actually watch some full episodes without having to go to iTunes to make purchases of previously aired shows.

You can see these first six episodes of the new season on TLC.  Check out the site for “Who Do You Think You Are?” above.

Make sure you mark down the date and time and plan to watch the “new” episode in its original airing rather than at a later time if you can.  (Ratings are important for continuity of this wonderful show!)

Now is the time to get the buzz going and to reconnect with some TV help and entertainment to motivate you in your own genealogical research efforts.

Mark your calendar for Sunday evening, April 16, 2017 at 9 PM Central Time on TLC on cable and see what has been discovered about actor John Stamos.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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