Fountaindale Public Library In Bolingbrook Has Previously Recorded Videos Of Their 2016 And 2017 “Genealogy Day” Programs Online; Approximately 9 Hours Of Recording Among 6 Programs

Hi Everyone!

While perusing among some genealogical information online,  I just happened to cross paths with some material from a genealogy librarian colleague from Fountaindale Public Library in Bolingbrook.

Not only has Debra Dudek of the Fountaindale Public Library offered Irish Genealogy Programs in conjunction with the Ulster Historical Foundation, but she has also been holding an annual “Genealogy Day” Program.  The “Genealogy Day” Program generally consists of three 90 minute programs.  That alone is incredible.  But to top it off, Debra, video records each program and makes them available to view online.  In fact, the original programs were streamed LIVE on the day of the event over the internet!  Pretty impressive! 

Here is the link where you can find these “Genealogy Day” Programs from 2016 and 2017:

2016 and 2017 “Genealogy Day” Recorded Programs from the Fountaindale Public Library

The 2016 programs under the theme of “Hunting Down Sensational Stories” were:

  • “Using History Lines to Tell Your Family Story” presented by Adam Allgaier  (Program actually starts about 90 seconds after you start “play”.)
  • “Sensational Deaths and Where to Find Them” presented by Tina Beaird  (Program starts about 30 seconds after you start “play”.)
  • “Tracking Infamous Ancestors in Court Records” by Raymond Johnson  (Program starts about 30 seconds after you start “play”.)

The 2017 programs under the theme of “Crime, Fame, and Other Genealogical Confessions” were:

  • “Genetic Genealogy” presented by Robert Sliwinski  (The video has a slow introduction and some initial audio problems for about the first 90 seconds but then it is fine).
  • “Are You Related to Someone Famous?” presented by Robert Allen
  • “Where the Murderers Roam” presented by Dr. Daniel Hubbard

For the 2017 programs, you can even access the handouts that were used for the 2017 programs.  They are linked right under the 3rd video when you get to the site.  I did not see any handout links for the 2016 program.

Perhaps the topics may be of interest to your own research efforts?  Maybe they just sound interesting and you want to learn more about an aspect of genealogy you are not familiar with.

Each video is about 90 minutes in length.  Get comfortable.  Get a cup of coffee or tea.  Hit the play button and you will be on your way.

A big “Thank You” to Debra Dudek and the Fountaindale Public Library for making these recorded genealogy program videos available to all when they are able.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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