Become An Author; Write An Article For The Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly; Guidelines Included As A Link To Guide You Through Writing/Submission Process

Hi Everyone!,

I was just browsing through the recent Summer 2017 issue of the Illinois State Genealogical Society (ISGS) Quarterly when one of the pages struck me as being of interest.

Are you a budding genealogical author?  Have you ever wanted to write an article about an Illinois family that you have been researching and get it published?  How do all of the articles that you read get written, submitted and published?  

Most of the time we read article after article in various journals and might wonder how the process works.  Then you say to yourself that you could do that!

Well, in this Summer 2017 issue of the ISGS Quarterly, the society has included a full-page description of the guidelines for what can be submitted and for how to submit the material to the society for consideration for publication in the ISGS Quarterly.

Here is the one-page guide from the Summer 2017 issue that tells you all about the magical process to go from thoughts to words to publication!

2017 Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterly Author Guidelines

You can do it!

You may already have been writing your family history story.  Maybe what is already on paper can be tweaked to fit the guidelines of the ISGS Quarterly for submission.

Who knows where your writing skills can take you!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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