New And Improved “Chicago Ancestors” Website From The Newberry Library

Hi Everyone!

Grace DuMelle, a reference librarian at the Newberry Library, was a recent speaker at our library in a co-hosted program with the Polish Genealogical Society of America (PGSA).  One of her handouts for her program was a “postcard” type advertisement for the Chicago Ancestors site created by the Newberry Library.

I was able to obtain one of these advertisements for the site and I wanted to share that with you.  Here is a link to view the handout “postcard” advertisement for “Chicago Ancestors”:

Chicago Ancestors “Postcard” Handout Advertisement

The site is fantastic if you have Chicago ancestors, as I do, in your genealogical research.  The website features much about the various local communities in Chicago and is a map interactive process.  The site is very helpful if you know the location where your ancestors lived in Chicago.  You can enter in a street address or street intersections and see what the website can provide to you about those locations and things around that location.

Here is the link for you to try:

New and Improved “Chicago Ancestors” Website Created by the Newberry Library

One of the interesting features you will find in this resource is the “Crime” designation information for the designated area of an address you input.  You can designate the radius of how many miles from your input location that you will see results.  The site will give you information and an exact map location on what major crimes took place within the designated mileage from the address you input and when they occurred e.g “murder/homicide”.  It is eerie information that can connect to the time frame of when your ancestors may have lived nearby and what they would have more than likely been able to read and experience about the event when it occurred.

Another interesting feature included in the results shows you church names that are in the designated radius you select to find material.  This can be very helpful to you to find the churches that your ancestors may have attended.  with a possible church identification that then allows you the option to discover if church records exist for that church that may be connected to the time of your ancestor in the area.

Give the site a try to see what other tidbits of information you can discover that can connect you to the time when your ancestor lived in Chicago at a particular location.

If you don’t know of an address, you can choose from a pre-set list of communities offered within the site e.g. Humboldt Park, West Town, Portage Park etc.

The site also offers an advanced search feature that you can search by “topic”, “community”, “start year”, “end year” and other choices.

It is a fun site to search.  Give it a try.  See what you can discover about events and other things connected to the location your ancestors lived at in the City of Chicago.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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