German Genealogy Podcast From RadioPublic; The German Genealogy Girl’s Podcast With Ursula C. Krause; Teresa Steinkamp McMillin, Professional German Genealogy Specialist, Being Interviewed; Teresa Will Be Our February 13, 2018 Genealogy Program Speaker

Hi Everyone!

I have recently become familiar with a podcast provider known as RadioPublic (  I was checking out what genealogy related podcasts are included in all that is offered.  Wanted to see what kind of variety of podcasts were available by ethnic area of interest.  I used “genealogy” as a search term as well as “family history”.  Some results showed some very active podcast series with lots of podcasts.  Some series had just a few podcasts.

For me as a blogger the nice thing about RadioPublic is that I can directly include the podcast into a post along with the player so that you can play the podcast directly from within my post.  Here is a direct link to the site from which you can search for all kinds of podcasts by subject:

Search RadioPublic Podcasts

Happened to notice there is a fairly new Germanic podcast series that goes under the title series of “The German Genealogy Girl’s Podcast with Ursula C. Krause”.  She has 5 episodes that are all fairly current, the most recent one being November 2, 2017.  This is how Ursula describes what her series focuses on:

“If you are of German descent and love doing research, this is the podcast to listen to! The German Genealogy Girl’s Podcast helps you make the most of your research time, by providing helpful techniques and a deeper insight into German research. Together with her guests from all over the world, Ursula Krause guides you through numerous websites, best practices, German history, pesky German grammar and language and best resources available. Her and her guest’s experience and knowledge will enlighten you and give you tools needed to advance your genealogical search. Join them monthly as they delve into the world of German genealogy.”

I checked out that podcast and happened to notice that the November 2, 2017 podcast included an interview with Teresa Steinkamp McMillin, a well-known professional genealogy researcher from our area who focuses on Germanic research.  Teresa will be our February 13, 2018 genealogy speaker.  She will present a program on that day titled “The Voyages of Our German Immigrants”.

Here is the actual podcast to listen to with the interview of Teresa Steinkamp McMillin.  One suggestion, click on the “+” sign that you see as part of the player first.  This will open up another full window that includes a text description summary of what is on the podcast as well as the player.  You can start listening just by clicking on the start arrow for the player within the full screen.  You can also choose to just start the player below without clicking on the “+” sign.  You just won’t see the text description summary of the program.  Your choice.

For those interested in Germanic research, check out the other 4 podcasts in this series from Ursula Krause.  You can find all of them here at:

The German Genealogy Girl’s Podcasts with Ursula C. Krause

Enjoy RadioPublic and all that you can find at the site searching for podcasts of interest.  There is even an app you can download and install on your phone for even easier mobile listening for either Apple or Android.  Download the app directly from the main website for RadioPublic at

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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