Sales For DNA Products For Genealogy Abound During The Holiday Season; Some Savings Can Be Significant; Keep Your Eyes Open For Sale Opportunities Across All Of The DNA Products Offered

Hi Everyone!

I submitted my DNA for testing for genealogy a couple of years ago.  As a full disclosure, I submitted my DNA with Family Tree DNA.  So my experience with all things DNA for genealogy is through Family Tree DNA at the moment.

Once I submitted my DNA, I did find that Family Tree DNA is on top of their marketing efforts.  I would not say that I am overwhelmed with marketing emails from them but I do know they send just the right volume of reminders to me reminding me of other DNA tests that I have not utilized that I could consider to purchase.

During the various holidays throughout the year, I have received notices to consider other tests to purchase.  It is not even so much to consider the other tests, but Family Tree DNA also includes in their marketing emails consideration to actually purchase a test not for you but for someone else.  Presumably for you to give to a cousin or someone you think is related to you.  I think that is a good idea and broadens their marketing appeal.  However, know in advance that a cousin would accept the test kit and would actually take the test and submit it for analysis.  No sense giving a surprise kit to someone who would never use it.  Maybe you could do a little arm-twisting and tell them how important it would be for you to solve an age-old research problem with their results in the database!

From Thanksgiving and through the Christmas and New Year’s season, you will see much more about sales being held for the various tests.  If you have not yet done your DNA test for genealogy, it is probably worth being aware of the various companies and the various sales going on for each of their “entry” level tests.  It is the “autosomal” test that I consider as the entry-level test and usually the most inexpensive test to take from the variety they offer.  That is the test that I started with.  With Family Tree DNA, it is called “Family Finder”.  The product name can be different with other providers but it should be their version of an “autosomal” test.

As a point of comparison, just a few years ago the entry-level tests were in the $199.  I waited until a sale existed within Family Tree DNA that had the product on sale for $79, down from $99.  Now, some of the companies might be offering this test in the range of $59.

You can really get some great bargains for entry-level tests during the holiday season.  Even their higher end products such as for Mitochondrial DNA or Y-DNA are offered with some big sales.  So if you have taken the entry-level test, you could still save significant dollars on the other DNA test available to you that you have not yet taken.  But be aware, you could save big dollars, but the savings are based on significant costs in the hundreds of dollars for these other products.  And don’t just take a higher end DNA test because it is on sale.  Know that it can help you in possibly giving you other clues to help with your research.

Thought I would at least give you some links to the major companies offering DNA testing so you can see what some of the sales are for your consideration.  Take a look at the following as of today, December 4, 2017.  Sales are not open-ended.  They are often for no more than a week, but they often re-occur while the holidays are still coming up.  Check out:

Family Tree DNA

Ancestry DNA



National Geographic Genome Project

I have no regrets having done an autosomal genealogy DNA test.  I have connected with newly discovered cousins as a result of the test.  It can and probably will happen to you also.  The prices are incredible compared to just those that were offered just a few years ago.  The holiday season offers some of the best prices you will find.

Take the plunge if you have not done so already.  The entry-level prices are really low.  Consider taking advantage of the sales of their other products if you wanted to add another new test over and above the basic one you may have already taken.

The sales will not last forever.  The sale prices now do not automatically become the new price in a few weeks after the holidays.  Check out the sites above for all of what they are offering now and through the next 30 days.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


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