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Polish Genealogical Society Of America (PGSA) Will Be Offering Multiple Genealogy/History Trips To Poland In 2019; Trips To Prussian Area And Galicia Area; Link To All Individual Trip Details Is Included

Hi Everyone!

I just received an email from the Polish Genealogical Society of America (PGSA).

It is an incredible announcement about MANY genealogy/history trips they are offering to POLAND in 2019.


Here is the text of what they sent with a direction included in the text to visit their website specific to information about the variety of trips to Poland they are offering:


The Polish Genealogical Society of America (PGSA) is pleased to announce, as part of its 40th anniversary year, several genealogical/history tours of Poland.

        3 tours focus on the Prussian partition

        2 tours focus on Galicia, the Austrian-Hungarian partition

With dates in May, June and September, and three tours that repeat, you are provided with eight opportunities.

PGSA has worked with three of the most experienced genealogical research and tour providers in Poland to create itineraries with special advantage to the family historian.  In addition to many great sites in Poland, each tour includes visits to ecclesiastical and civil archives, ethnographic parks and cultural museums.  You will learn what archives hold and how to work with them, and experience how your ancestors lived their daily lives.

Each tour is limited to only 15 to 18 people to maximize your contact with the genealogist guide and to be close to the action at every stop.  To expand your experience, you have the option with each guide company to append personal research or visits to family towns before or after the PGSA tour.

For details, visit our website:  Click on the “PGSA 2019 Poland Genealogy Tours” box for links to the day-by-day itinerary for each tour and everything you need to reserve your place.

Robert M. Pine
Board of Directors
Polish Genealogical Society of America



Here is the actual link within the PGSA website that gives all of the detail for each of the trips and the cost per person for each trip.  (Please note that I looked at one of the trips and at the very end it did note that the airfare to and from Poland was not included in the guided tour cost.  So keep that in mind that it looks like you will arrange airfare connections/costs on your own to get to Poland and return back from Poland over and above the published prices for the tours in the PGSA printed descriptions.)

Polish Genealogical Society of America (PGSA) Itinerary Information for 2019 Planned Genealogy/History Trips to Poland

Some societies and groups offer perhaps one trip to a foreign country for those interested in connecting their ethnicity to that particular country.  I have never heard of offering so many varieties of trips from one organizations to match the interests of different researchers!

For those of you that are interested in your Polish Roots, first off, become a member of the PGSA!  You can’t lose!  Full disclosure, my research interests are Polish and I am a member of the PGSA.  Membership will make you aware of such society offerings that are incredible!

These are amazing trips with so many options covering so many areas of Poland that may match to your own family connections.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

Another Off-Shoot Of Genealogy DNA Testing; Think About Children Conceived Via Sperm/Egg Donor Donations And Their DNA Matches

Hi Everyone,

My colleague at our library shared a recent newspaper article that appeared in the Chicago Tribune on September 23, 2018 titled “1 Donor. 45 Kids”.  Thank you Jean for thinking of me when you saw this article!  The same article was originally posted in the Washington Post on September 12, 2018.  I was actually able to find the article online via the Washington Post and wanted to share the article with you.

Here is a link to the original Washington Post article from September 12, 2018:

September 12, 2018 Washington Post Article Titled “44 Siblings and Counting”

As genealogists, we have become excited over genealogy DNA testing and the possibility of connecting to so many more new “cousins” via this method.  We may discover we are genetically connected to someone else that we know is in some way connected to our ancestral family but most times we really do not yet know how we are connected when initial genetic matches are discovered.  Such discoveries will hopefully be able to advance our own research as well as expand collaborative research efforts with newly discovered cousins.

Over a short period of time genealogy DNA testing has morphed into so much more for so many different people for so many different reasons.  Those who may have discovered that they are adopted have been using genealogy DNA testing to submit their DNA with the hopes of discovering perhaps even biological parents.  If not discovering parents, perhaps adoptees could discover other siblings or half-siblings to connect with.  Collaboration on research can then happen with the goal of ultimately discovering a biological parent.

We have also recently seen a tremendous increase in participation by local law enforcement to jump into the genealogy DNA pool to see if connections can be made to discover “cold case” criminals.  Law enforcement submits DNA samples from crime scenes, gets matched results to more distant family connections associated with the “cold case” criminal and then law enforcement works with that “matched” discovery to see if suspects can be discovered from doing family research.

Now, in my opinion, an entirely “new” use of genealogy DNA seems to exist that never even crossed my mind.  Think of sperm donation/egg donation,  a topic that many of us simply know exists but we really do not know or understand much of what happens with such participation.  Yes, a sperm donor/egg donor to a sperm bank/egg bank could in essence become a prolific father/mother over time when their donations are used over and over again in the fertilization process.  Yes, genealogy DNA is now a process for these growing groups of half-siblings who do not know each other to submit their DNA and start discovering half-siblings and possibility even their own biological mothers and fathers.

Once again we see the instinctual quest among the human species for discovering who we are in relation to our other biological connections and where did we come from in terms of family.

The article is a fantastic read.  You will read about how current methods of DNA testing can open up connections to individuals who are related through an entirely different process than we would expect.  But they are related.  I think you will enjoy it.

For those of you that have not taken the DNA genealogy plunge it might make you think twice realizing there is an entirely new sub-group of people using genealogy DNA to actually discover their potentially large size amount of living half-siblings.

Enjoy the article and know human nature is always on the move to discover and connect to those that are related even in the most non-traditional manners.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

Irish Genealogy Workshop And Webinar At The Fountaindale Public Library October 13, 2018 In Bolingbrook; Free And Open To The Public; Registration Required; Recorded Programs Will Be Available Online At A Later Date For A Short Time Interval

Hi Everyone!

Fountaindale LogoDebra Dudek,  genealogy librarian at the Fountaindale Public Library, has made me aware that there is a wonderful Irish Genealogy Workshop and  Webinar that is coming up and is put together by the Fountaindale Public Library of Bolingbrook and the  Ulster Historical Foundation.

Ulster Historical Foundation LogoThe program will take place on October 13, 2018.  The October 13, 2018 all-day program, between 9:30 am and 4:30 pm, is titled “Irish Genealogy Workshop”.

The programs will take place at the Fountaindale Public Library District located at 300 W. Briarcliff Rd. in Bolingbrook, IL

Here are a list of the scheduled programs and times:

09:30 Introduction to Irish and Scots-Irish Research (1 hr)
10:30 Understanding Irish Townlands: the Importance of Place, Identity and Administrative Divisions ( 1 hour)
11:30 BREAK (30 mins)
12:00 Church Records for Use in Genealogical Research Including Lesser Known Administrative Records – Vestry Minute books, Communicant Rolls, etc (1 hour)
1:00 LUNCH

1:30 Using Printed Sources for Irish Family History: Newspapers, Street Directories, Ordnance Survey Memoirs and British Parliamentary Papers on Ireland (1 hour)
2:30 Using Landed Estate Records: Tracing Families in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century (1 hour)
3:30 BREAK (30 mins)
4:00 Law and Order Records in Ireland (30 mins)
4:30 Question and Answer Session (includes online database lookups) (30 mins)

The event is free and is open to the public.

You will need to register with the library if you plan on attending in person.  There are registration openings as I write this.  Seating is limited to 60 people for participating in the program in person.  The library also has a second seating  area for a maximum of 25 people who would participate in the workshop via an online streaming of the program to this second room in the library.  If you can’t make it to the library itself, you can still participate by viewing the program live via streaming.

Check with the Fountaindale Library about how to sign up for access to the program via streaming.

For all of the details regarding these programs connect via the Fountaindale Public Library  Genealogy Blog at:

October 13, 2018 Irish Genealogy Workshop and Webinar from the Fountaindale Public Library in Bolingbrook, IL

Registration is required.  Walk-Ins may not be allowed.

From the Fountaindale Public Library Genealogy and Research Blog, please note the following regarding the on-site program as well as the on-site Webinar overflow:


Reserve your space in the program online or call the Fountaindale Public Library 3rd Floor Reference Desk at (630) 685-4176.

Back by popular demand! In partnership with Plainfield Public Library, we are hosting a full day Irish Genealogy Workshop with the Ulster Historical Foundation. This multi-session day will help you break down the walls in your Irish genealogy research. Can’t attend in person? Watch our live streaming webinar from the comfort of your home. Visit our Genealogy blog for all the webinar information.

Enjoy light snacks, handouts, door prizes and the opportunity to purchase Ulster Historical Society books. Please bring a seat cushion and a brown bag lunch. You may also pre-order lunch from Brooks Cafe by calling 630.685.4295.

This program is free; however, attendance is limited to 60 in our main meeting room, and 25 in our overflow webinar room. Due to the popularity of this event, walk-in registration may not be available. Registration opens August 13.


If you cannot attend in person or via streaming, you will have the capability to view the recorded programs online at a later date after the program date.  As in the past, the online access to the recorded programs is only made available for about 1 month after the programs take place.  You will need to view them during this short window of availability.

Just stay connected to the Fountaindale Public Library Genealogy and Research Blog at:

Fountaindale Public Library Genealogy and Research Blog

for further information regarding this all-day multi-session Irish Genealogy event as well as the ability to access the recorded programs via Fountaindale Public Library Genealogy and Research Blog or YouTube.

If you are interested in attending then get yourself registered.  If you can’t attend get a reminder when the recorded programs will be available online for you to view during a limited time.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

Northwest Suburban Genealogy Society (NWSGS) Next Program Scheduled For Saturday Morning, October 6, 2018 At 10:00 AM; “Newspaper Research: Beyond The Birdcage” Presented By Debra Mieszala, CG

Hi Everyone,

Northwest Suburban Genealogy Society logo.newjpg (New 2014-25)-150I just received a program notice from the Northwest Suburban  Genealogy Society indicating that their next genealogy program is scheduled for Saturday morning, October 6, 2018 at 10:00 AM.

The society will be meeting on Saturday, October 6, 2018 at 10:00 AM at the Arlington Heights Senior Center, 1801 W. Central Road in Arlington Heights, IL.

There is no prior registration needed.  There is no fee to attend.  Visitors are always welcome.

The society offers an early informal gathering at 9:00 AM that would allow you to exchange information and ask questions with others present at the time before the formal program starts.

Please be sure to view the link below that will get you to the program description material supplied to me by the society. 

Feature Presentation Clip ArtThe speaker for the morning program will be Debra Mieszala, CG.    The speaker will present a program titled “Newspaper Research: Beyond the Birdcage.

Please take a look at the full PDF announcement of the program by going to:

Northwest Suburban Genealogy Society (NWSGS) October 6, 2018 Program Notice

You will find more details about the program location, the program contents and some information about Debra Mieszala, CG, the speaker for the morning from the above link to the program information.

You can always visit the website of the Northwest Suburban Genealogy Society to see what they are all about at:

Northwest Suburban Genealogy Society

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

September 2018 Schaumburg Township District Library Genealogy Program Handouts Uploaded As A PDF for September 11, 2018 Genealogy Program

Hi Everyone!

I have added the September 2018 Schaumburg Township District Library Genealogy Program Handouts as a PDF file into the PROGRAM HANDOUTS Category on the right sidebar of the blog.

Here is a direct link to the September 2018 Handouts for your convenience:

September 2018 Schaumburg Township District Library Genealogy Program Handouts

Take a look at it if you choose to browse through it in advance of our Genealogy Program that will take place on Tuesday evening, September 11, 2018 at 7:30 PM at our main library location at 130 S. Roselle Road in Schaumburg, IL.

You can read the handouts online or you can save them as a PDF file to your own computer for reading offline and more detailed searching through all of the contents.

You will also note that I  “highlight” in this uploaded PDF key points within the handout  by using  the “yellow highlighting” function within Microsoft Word.  This will allow your eyes to visually see key points within the handouts that I want to emphasize.  I hope you will enjoy being able to more easily see these key points within the set of handouts through this highlighting technique.  I plan on highlighting within the Handout file on a going forward basis.

Please note that the Handouts PDF file has embedded Bookmarks to allow you to move to the handouts of interest to you quickly without having to scroll through the entire document.  Just open the Bookmark window in the PDF file and select the handout of interest for quick access.

You can also get to the handouts of interest to you quickly via the Table of Contents at the beginning of the document.  You will find hyperlinks that will get you directly to the handout of interest to you from the Table of Contents.

Please note that you can access directly any and all URL Links that you find within the Handouts PDF.  You can get directly to the website being mentioned from within the handout being mentioned.

Enjoy the handouts.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

September 2018 Schaumburg Township District Library Genealogy Newsletter Uploaded As A PDF for September 11, 2018 Genealogy Program

Hi Everyone!

I have added the September 2018 Schaumburg Township District Library Genealogy Newsletter as a PDF file into the NEWSLETTER Category on the right sidebar of the blog.

Here is a direct link to the September 2018 Newsletter for your convenience:

September 2018 Schaumburg Township District Library Genealogy Newsletter

Take a look at it if you choose to browse through it in advance of our Genealogy Program that will take place on Tuesday evening, September 11, 2018 at 7:30 PM at our main library location at 130 S. Roselle Road in Schaumburg, IL.

You can read the newsletter online or you can save it as a PDF file to your own computer for reading offline and more detailed searching through all of the contents.

Please note that the Newsletter has Bookmarks and Hyperlinks within the document to make for fast navigation from within the Table of Contents.  You can quickly get to the spots that interest you from the Table of Contents.

Enjoy the newsletter.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

Reminder: Our Next Genealogy Program at STDL Is Tomorrow September 11, 2018

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would post this reminder of our next upcoming Genealogy Program at the Schaumburg Township District Library.

There is no pre-registration required in order to attend the program.  There is no fee charged to attend.  Anyone can attend this program.  You do not have to be a library card holder with the Schaumburg Township District Library in order to attend.

Here are the details of our upcoming program for Tuesday evening, September 11, 2018:

Share your love of family and cultural history at this informal program. Our Genealogist Tony Kierna will give a brief review of genealogical topics, then you can work in small groups based on nationality, skill level or project type to share your findings and learn more about your heritage.

Small groups include Polish, Czech, German, Irish, British, Italian, Scandinavian, Colonial American and Beginners Group. (These groups may adjust based on attendance.) A “New” DNA/Adoption group has recently been added.

Feel free to bring your laptop or tablet to share your information and research with others, or use the laptop connected to our projector.

Doors will open at approximately 7 p.m. so you can pick-up handouts, review books and journals, and network with other participants. Tony Kierna will start the program at 7:30 p.m. with introductions of new participants and a brief review of handouts and genealogical matters.  We will end the session by 9:30 p.m.

For further information contact Tony Kierna at 847-923-3390.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library