“NEW” Entertaining And Informative Teaching Genealogy Video From GenealogyMagazine.Com; Think Of Monty Python; Thank You James Pylant!; Links Included For Previously Produced Genealogy Videos By James Pylant

Hi Everyone!

Back in October 2017 and in May 2018 I made a blog post about some very informative and hilarious “mini videos” that were created by James Pylant.  For those of you that go back to the 1960s and 1970s think “Monty Python” to grasp the style of humor and entertainment.

Here is a link to another original video from James Pylant:

August 2019 Blog Posting Of James Pylant Monty Python-like Genealogy Video On “The Private Family Tree”

The video is really, really, informative and funny at the same time, a difficult accomplishment to say the least.  It runs about 3 minutes and 32 seconds.

Looking at this video really made my day.  I am still smiling about what I saw and still remembering the major “lesson” to be learned from within the subject covered in this video.

I am sure you can all relate to getting a “match” to your DNA testing and only discovering non-exisiting family history information for you to use as a tool to determine how you are related.  Well, James feels the same and the video shares the frustrations we have with our matches!

Here are the links to some of the genealogical videos previously created by James Pylant:

#1) GenealogyMagazine.com, Episode 1, “Courthouse Research”

#2) GenealogyMagazine.com, Episode 2, “Family Bible Records”

#3) GenealogyMagazine.com, Episode 3, “Diaries and Journals”

#4) Episode 4: Longevity Lies (4 mins)

#5) Episode 5: Graphology for Genealogists (4;30)

#6) Episode 6: Celebrity Research Pitfalls (5:24)

#7) Episode 7: Interlibrary Loan (4:57)

#8) “Titanic Widow: The Mystery of Addie Bracken” by James Pylant

“Sometimes our research efforts create more stress than we can imagine.  These videos will help alleviate that tension and also give you some insights to improve your genealogy research skills.”

“View the videos … enjoy … get tense again …. view the videos again … and again … and again!  Smiles and laughs will soon follow!”

Thank you GenealogyMagazine.com for the creative and informative work done by James Pylant, editor of GenealogyMagazine.com.  Check out GenealogyMagazine.com at:


Thank you James Pylant for sharing links with me to all of the incredibly entertaining yet informative videos.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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