Thomas MacEntee Previously Recorded Genealogy Webinar At Our Library Available For Viewing On Our Library Calendar Of Events Today Only; No Registration Needed; Available To View By Anyone

Hi Everyone,

Schaumburg Township District Library

The Thomas MacEntee previously recorded genealogy webinar at our library from May 2018 is now available for viewing from our library’s Calendar of Events.

The program is titled “How To Deal with Other Genealogists Without Going Crazy”.

Anyone can watch it.  You do not need to register for viewing.  You do not need to be a cardholder with our library.

Just head to our library’s website at  Select “Events” then “all events” from the tab at the top of the home page.  Scroll down just a little and look for “Watch Now – Genealogy Webinar”.

Click on the title link that will get you to the next screen containing a description of the webinar.

Thomas MacEntee

In the description of the webinar, look for the phrase that is the link to the video that says “in this webinar”.  That link will get you to the video itself.

April 14, 2020 Thomas MacEntee Previously Recorded Genealogy Program; Look For “in this webinar” For Link to the Video

The link to the video is not as visible and prominent as I would like which is why I am guiding you to it.  I myself at first did not see it clearly!!

This recorded webinar was originally held “live” at our library in May 2018.

It will only be available for viewing today.

We will have another Thomas MacEntee previously recorded webinar that was held at our library on next Tuesday, April 21, 2020 for your viewing in a similar manner as this video is today.

Enjoy the video.  Thomas is a wonderful presenter.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library


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