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Welcome to Our New Library Genealogy Blog!!

Hi Everyone!

I am so glad you have found our new genealogy blog at the Schaumburg Township District Library.  I am going through a learning process to really get to know how to do blogging so bear with me in my early posts as I make this blog a very good tool to share genealogy information that is applicable to our library.

I have many great ideas that I plan on putting into effect through this blog.  Some of the more ambitious items will be:

  1. Be able to post PDF versions of the monthly Schaumburg Township District Library Genealogy Newsletter on this site archived over time.  You will be able to view the newsletter here and print it if you like, read it online directly, or even download the PDF onto your own system.  Our newsletter is lengthy usually consisting of at least 30-35 pages monthly.  It is full of great genealogy information in general and will often include information on genealogical journals we have in our collection, new genealogy books added to our collections, other local genealogy programs and meetings local to our area, some humorous items and blog items that have been posted by Dick Eastman from his own blog site on genealogy.  These PDF files will allow me to eliminate the printing of the newsletter and the mailing of the printed copy to participants at our monthly genealogy program.
  2. I hope to produce a monthly “handouts” writeup that will be an electronic substitute for the “handouts” that occur at our monthly genealogy program.  Today I make paper copies for handouts of key items of note for genealogy e.g. program dates for other societies, interesting links to new genealogy web sites etc.  Rather than printing these up I will create some verbiage describing these points of interest and include links to the web sites I want to share.  Once again I hope to eliminate paper and the associated mailing costs.  These will also be archived over time.
  3. I plan on publishing our upcoming programs through our blog so you can always be aware of who is coming to give a program and what the topic of the program will be. 

So you can see I have some great plans to make this blog informational and useful to those that connect to it.

Be patient as I learn all about blogging.  Come back and visit often to see what new things have been posted on the site.

Thanks for your interest.


Tony Kierna                                                                                                                                                           Genealogy Coordinator                                                                                                                                       Schaumburg Township District Library