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McHenry County Illinois Genealogical Society Will Be Holding All-Day Conference On Saturday, July 8, 2017 At McHenry County College In Crystal Lake, IL; Discounts Available For Early Registration; Top Notch Speakers And Programs; Program Links Included

Hi Everyone!

McHenry County Illinois Genealogical Society LogoI just received a notice from the McHenry County Illinois Genealogical Society (MCIGS) that they will be offering an all-day genealogy conference on Saturday, July 8, 2017, at the McHenry County College in Crystal Lake, IL.

The conference is titled “MCIGS 2017 Summer Conference”.

There will be 4 separate sessions throughout the day all four of which will provide a choice of 4 programs to pick from.

There will be 4 speakers making presentations:

  • Mary M. Tedesco (hostess, Genealogy Roadshow on PBS)
  • Thomas MacEntee
  • Paul Milner
  • Michael Lacopo

Vendors will also be present for you to check out all kinds of genealogical material to purchase to help you in your own research.

The society will actually be trying something new for this conference.  A “Genealogy Help Desk” will be staffed by members of the McHenry County Genealogical Society during session breaks and lunch to help those in attendance who might have genealogical questions.  You will even be able to sign up for a 15 minute session with one of the volunteers to seek research help.

Pre-program registration is encouraged.  Discounts are given if you are an existing McHenry County Illinois Genealogical Society member.  Discounts are also given if registration to members of the society  if registration is done prior to April 1, 2017.

Here is the fee schedule:

  • MCIGS Members registering before April 1, 2017 – $50
  • Non-members registering before April 1, 2017 – $60
  • All registration between April 2, 2017 through June 15, 2017  – $70
  • Registration after June 15, 2017 and Walk-Ins – $80

Lunch will be included for all registered prior to June 16, 2017.  Lunch cannot be guaranteed for those registering after June 17, 2016 or for walk-ins.

Here is a link to the portion of the MCIGS website that contains all of the information you need for the conference, especially the individual programs being offered as well as the biographical information for the speakers and registration information.  You can reach the society information for this event at:

McHenry County Illinois Genealogical Society July 8, 2017 “MCIGS 2017 Summer Conference”

Please also pay a visit to the main website for the society to find out more about the society and the services they offer to members and non-members at:

McHenry County Illinois Genealogical Society

Mark your calendars for this upcoming program.  I have already added it to the Google Calendar that is part of this blog.  It sure looks like there are great speakers offering a wide variety of programs that will help novice researchers through expert researchers.  Be sure you go to the conference link noted above for a full detailed listing of the programs available to choose from.

Time flies on our calendars!  The details are all here with this society for this annual conference.  They put on a great program with fantastic speakers plus they are not that far away in Crystal Lake, IL.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

There Will Be No Genealogy Program Tonight, March 14, 2017; Our Entire Main Library Location Has Closed For The Balance Of The Rest Of The Day And Night Due To A Nearby Water Main Break

Hi Everyone!

Schaumburg Township District Library

I am sorry to report that there will not be a Genealogy Program this evening as is normally scheduled.


I was actually just in my car starting to drive in to work when I received a call from my Reference Department manager.  She told me what was just occurring at the library.  Plans were being made to close the main library down for the rest of our normally scheduled open hours.  I was told not to come into work tonight because our facility will soon be closed.

Our main library web site is sharing this news also that our main library building is now closed.

Since our Genealogy Program is categorized as a “drop in” program with no registration required to attend, this blog post will have to serve as the best method of getting the word out to subscribers to the blog that there will be no genealogy program tonight because our library building is  closed for the rest of the day due to the water main break.  We do not know who would be intending to come to the program since there is no registration and consequently no way we could contact those to let them know the library will be closed.

I apologize in advance for this disappointing news and I do hope this will not be disruptive for those of you that were planning on dropping in tonight.  I also apologize in advance to those that may try to attend our Genealogy Program tonight only to discover upon arrival that our building is closed due to the water main break emergency.

We will just make the best of it and reconvene next month.

Thanks for understanding.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

Family History Library Classes And Webinars Schedules Via FamilySearch Wiki; Can Attend Programs In Person (Salt Lake City) Or Online Via Registration; Some Previously Recorded Webinars Available To View; Handouts From Past Classes/Webinars Available

Hi Everyone!

One of my genealogy librarian colleagues shared some information about some upcoming British Isles research classes being offered by the Family History Library.  These classes will occur between March 13, 2017 to March 17, 2017.  There are 2 classes scheduled for each of the above dates in the range.  First class for the day starts at 1 PM (Mountain Time), followed by the second class at 2 PM (Mountain Time).

The British Isles Research Seminar for the above days is currently highlighted when you access it from the link below.

These are classes that you can attend in person at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT OR you can attend these programs ONLINE.

My point here is that for the immediacy of any interest in British Isles research check out these programs since the dates are coming up very soon.

More importantly, all of this information about Family History Library classes and webinars that are coming up as well as those previously presented can be found from within the Family History Library Wiki for this topic at:

Family History Library Classes and Webinars

They currently are showing the programs they have coming up for March and April 2017.  There are literally programs each and every day.  The classes are identified by “skill level” for the researcher.  Just about all of the classes are noted as intended for “Beginners”.  For April 2017 there are about 4 of the scheduled programs identified as for “intermediates”.

The topics span all aspects of genealogical research that you can learn from.  Some are of a broader nature such as how to use the FamilySearch Catalog effectively.  Some are what I would categorize as being for a very small niche such as “The Value of Danish Military Levying Rolls”.

You can also access information on the description of the class as well as who is presenting it and their background biography.

This looks like a wonderful source of classes/webinars that could really help you with your research.  This Wiki entry is well-worth bookmarking for future use when the urge strikes you to want to learn something more about a genealogical topic relative to your own research needs.

Also, the Family History Library has grouped their previously presented classes/webinars under broader terms such as “Scandinavian Research Webinars”, “British Isles Research Webinars” etc. to allow you to easily discover what are the programs under this broader topic category.

And there is more!  You can access all of the handouts associated with any of these previously presented classes/webinars.  Just looking under my own personal interest for “Polish Research Webinars” I saw that there are handouts currently for 15 classes/webinars on the subject.  It does note that it takes about 4 weeks after a program/webinar is presented for it to become available in the previously presented grouping of these programs.

And you can even view some of the previously presented classes themselves.

I am very impressed with the wealth of material for these programs/webinars that spans a broad range of genealogical topics.

Even if you cannot or do not want to participate in one of these programs in person or online, you should definitely check out some of the previously presented ones just to see the handouts associated with the program.  The handout alone could be very helpful to you.

Still, there is nothing like being able to hear a fully presented program from a knowledgeable presenter and also then receive their handouts.

Check out this Wiki entry on all of the upcoming programs offered by the Family History Library as well as check out the previously presented programs under the categories that pertain to your own research interests.

I think you will like what you see.

See what you think.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

Polish Genealogical Society of America (PGSA) Will Be Having A PGSA Workshop On Saturday May 20, 2017 From 11 AM To 4PM At The NIU Conference Center In Naperville, IL.; One Program Is A Webinar From Poland Presented By Tadeusz Pilat; 2nd Program Will Be Presented By Jason Kruski On Site

Hi Everyone!

PGSA Logo Clip ArtI received a program flyer from the Polish Genealogical Society of America (PGSA) about their upcoming PGSA Workshop that will take place at the NIU Conference Center, 1120 E. Diehl Road, Naperville, IL on Saturday, May 20, 2017 between 11 am to 4 pm.

The PGSA is inviting anyone interested in Polish genealogy to attend the workshop and meet other members of the society in attendance.

The first presentation will be a “live” webinar consisting of two topics presented by Tadeusz Pilat from Poland.  He will have a program on “Notary Records in Poland” as well as a program on “Cadastral Maps”.

A second presentation will take place on-site at the conference center.  Jason Kruski will present an on-site program titled “Technological Advances in Polish-American Genealogy”.

The PDF flyer noted below provides information on how to register either for the webinar (if you will not be attending the conference in person) or the live on-site presentation .  Those physically in attendance at the NIU Center will be participating in both the live webinar and the live program on-site.

You can just participate in the online webinar if you choose and not attend the Workshop in person.

The fee structure is also based on being a member of the PGSA or not being a member of the society.

Attendance on-site is limited to 50 people and registration ends May 10, 2017.

Attendance to participate on the webinar if you will not be at the Conference Center itself has unlimited numbers to attend and no registration deadline.

Here is a PDF flyer I received from the society that describes the program for the gathering:

Polish Genealogical Society of America (PGSA) Flyer For May 20, 2017 PGSA Workshop

You can also visit the society’s website and discover who they are and what resources are offered to those interested in Polish genealogical research.  You can visit the website at:

Polish Genealogical Society of America (PGSA) Website

Consider attending this workshop and learn about the PGSA and its membership as well as the topics being presented for this event.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

Reminder: Our Next Genealogy Program at STDL Is Tomorrow March 14, 2017

Hi Everyone!

I thought I would post this reminder of our next upcoming Genealogy Program at the Schaumburg Township District Library.

There is no pre-registration required in order to attend the program.  There is no fee charged to attend.  Anyone can attend this program.  You do not have to be a library card holder with the Schaumburg Township District Library in order to attend.

Here are the details of our upcoming program for Tuesday evening, March 14, 2017:

Share your love of family and cultural history at this informal program. Schaumburg Library’s Genealogist Tony Kierna will give a brief review of genealogical topics, then you can work in small groups based on nationality, skill level or project type to share your findings and learn more about your heritage.

Small groups include Polish, Czech, German, Irish, British, Italian, Scandinavian, Colonial American, DNA/Adoption and Beginners Group. (These groups may adjust based on attendance.)

Feel free to bring your laptop or tablet to share your information and research with others, or use the laptop connected to our projector.

Doors will open at approximately 7 p.m. so you can pick-up handouts, review books and journals, and network with other participants. Tony Kierna will start the program at 7:30 p.m. with introductions of new participants and a brief review of handouts and genealogical matters.

For further information contact Tony Kierna at 847-923-3390.

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

March 18, 2017 Computer Assisted Genealogy Group Of Northern Illinois (CAGGNI) Program At The Schaumburg Township District Library; “What’s New In Technology” Presented By Ed Rosenthal

Hi Everyone!

CAGGNI logoJust wanted to let you know that the Computer Assisted Genealogy Group of Northern Illinois (CAGGNI) will be having their next program at our library on Saturday, March 18, 2017 starting at 10:30 AM.

The program is open to any and all interested in learning more about genealogy as well as learning more about this wonderful genealogy group and meeting its members in attendance.

The title of the program is “What’s New in Technology”.  Speaker for the program is Ed Rosenthal.

Program description is:

Ed Rosenthal will present his very popular annual survey of emerging technologies. Sharing of the insights he gains from keeping tabs on new developments in the computing and digital imaging scenes will provide us all with a glimpse of what new tools will soon be available to leverage our favorite obsession – genealogy!

Speaker information is:

Ed Rosenthal has served three terms as the President of CAGGNI and has been doing family research for over 20 years with Family Tree Maker and recently tracing his DNA. Ed has presented his research during his family’s 150th and 160th reunion in Germany.

Find out more about the CAGGNI group and all that they do.  Visit them at their website at:

Computer Assisted Genealogy Group of Northern Illinois (CAGGNI)

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

Fox Valley Genealogical Society (FVGS) Annual Conference Program To Be Held In Naperville, IL On September 23, 2017 (Saturday); “Connecting Generations: DNA And Dirt”; Patricia Lee Hobbs, CG, Will Be Guest Speaker; PDF Link To Conference Brochure

Hi Everyone!

Please mark Saturday, September 23, 2017 on your calendars.  This is the date for the 2017 Fox Valley Genealogical Society Annual Conference.

The conference title is “Connecting Generations: DNA and Dirt”

The guest speaker for the day will be Patricia Lee Hobbs, CG,.  She will present four 1 hour genealogical programs.  Topics in the program that will be presented are:

  • An Overview of Genetic Genealogy
  • Autosomal DNA Data: Working the Results
  • Essential Research: Collateral Lines
  • Westward Ho! Understanding the Federal Land System

Please visit the website of the Fox Valley Genealogical Society directly.  You can reach them at:

Fox Valley Genealogical Society of Naperville, Illinois

Here is a PDF document from the Fox Valley Genealogical Society website that contains all of the details of the program, including location, lunch information, pricing, registration form, plus some biographical information for the speaker as well as a small description of each of the programs.  You can access this PDF at:

2017 Fox Valley Genealogical Society Annual Conference Brochure

There is plenty of time to plan for this all day program.

Mark your calendar for this upcoming Fall 2017 program in Naperville, IL.  Take a look at all of the details in the above PDF brochure.

Support another local genealogical society that is in our area!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library