National Archives Research Aids

Hi Everyone!

(Scroll down further for links to PDF files of the actual documents)

Kathryn Barrett, our library’s genealogy program speaker for our May 2012 program, was kind enough to provide me with a series of paper handout aids that are at the Great Lakes Region of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) that can help the genealogical researcher.  Kathryn does volunteer work at the Great Lakes Region for genealogy.

I thought this presented an opportunity for me to scan these aids and ultimately get them up on the blog to help other researchers be able to read up on some of the handout material available at both the National level of NARA as well as local to us here at the Great Lakes Region location at 7358 South Pulaski Road in Chicago, IL and some other local regional offices of NARA.

As you can see I have created this additional “page” on this blog to accommodate the 27 documents that Kathryn provided to me.  These documents are in the form of PDF files.  Some are single page documents, some are multi-page documents.  Some have short, manageable titles, some have extremely long titles.  They are generally in alphabetical order.

When you open one of the PDF links just look to see at the top of the page if it looks like it indicates the document originates from the Great Lakes Region located in our area.  It will be more meaningful to you if you will be going to the facility in our area to do your research.  Some of the documents apply to some of the “other” local regional offices or even to the national location in Washington, D.C.

They may still be used as the “handouts” but it is possible that some may be out of date.

You may just want to peruse the titles and see if any could be of help to you in your own research giving you enough background information to pique your curiosity on data that exists that you may never have known about.

Or you may just want to be aware that they exist on this blog if it strikes you in the future you might want to check them again.

Enjoy the documents.

I want to especially thank Kathryn Barrett for providing these guides to me that she obtained from the Great Lakes Regional center of NARA.  It does astound me about the variety of data that exists within NARA that makes genealogical research so fascinating when we consider more than just searching surname indexes!  These “aids” give you an insight into materials that are available that you would never have thought about!

I hope you enjoy the variety of the links above.  Take a peek at some of the links to see what our National Archives puts together to help genealogy researchers.


Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

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