Surnames Being Searched

Hi Everyone!

(Scroll down for link to Surname Excel PDF file)

I am trying an experiment with this new page.

Over the years of doing our library genealogy program, I have received from many participants attending our programs a filled-in questionnaire giving me some information on who they are and what surnames they are searching.  I bring in a binder at each program that contains these reports of surnames being searched by participants in alphabetical order.

In the paper report is the Surname Being Searched, the Name of the Person Searching and a Contact Phone Number of the person doing the searching.  Anyone physically attending our program can review this report.  Perhaps a discovery is made of someone else also searching for that same name.  The two researchers can connect with one another via the phone numbers they have left and determine if perhaps they are actually searching for a common ancestor or perhaps they have no connection at all.

I am hoping I can expand the visibility of the Surnames Being Searched report to include it within this blog but with some caveats.

In order to make this happen I am including Surnames being searched only when I have received an explicit confirmation to share in this “page” from the researcher attending our monthly genealogy programs.

This confirmation is needed because the e-mail address of the researcher supplying the surnames is included in the Excel PDF report of the Surname data.  No contact phone numbers are included in this Surname list.

I also need to limit the inclusion of names in the report to actual participants at our program that have actually attended one of our genealogy programs.  I cannot accept names to include from anyone that just happens to come across this report who has not physically attended our programs.  I apologize in advance to those that discover this and do not participate in our genealogy programs in person.

Here is a link to the Excel PDF file that represents surnames being searched by participants in our monthly genealogy programs that have given me their explicit approval to share their surnames being searched.

Surnames Being Searched By Schaumburg Township District Library Genealogy Program Participants

I think it is worth a try, but if I feel it is not working out for either myself or for those that have contributed surnames, then I guess I will just have to close it down and say “Nice Try!”.

Take a look at the above link to see what this data looks like and the names that have currently been contributed.  Consider to add yours if you have been attending our library’s genealogy program and would like your research names more visible electronically.

You simply need to contact me and give me your explicit OK to share your data and your e-mail address.  Contact me via the “Contact” page at the top of this blog and we will see how we can give your research a little more exposure.

So we now have an experiment in progress!

Tony Kierna
Genealogy Coordinator
Schaumburg Township District Library

One response to “Surnames Being Searched

  1. Donnamarie Boyer

    I am doing research on the surname Dobbeck ( Dobeck). As well as Froehlich. They were from Schlochau, Prussia and came to Illinois. They were brothers Hermann, August, Charles and Edward Dobbeck. Their mother had been married to their father August Dobbeck but widowed in Prussia and married a Johann Froehlich. Hoping someone recognizes this family and contacts me.
    My name is Donnamarie Boyer and I live in NM. My e-mail is
    Thank you.

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